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A Guide to Male STD Testing

A Guide to STD Testing for Men

Regular checkups are important, and STD testing for men is a critical piece of any man’s overall health. Recently, sexually transmitted diseases have been on the rise. Twenty million new infections occur every year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In fact, one in three people are carrying one.

If you are sexually active, you need to be tested regularly, regardless of your gender, age, sexual orientation or otherwise.


The worrisome thing about sexually transmitted diseases is that many people do not even realize that they are infected.  You see, 80 percent of people who have an STD don’t show any symptoms.  Often this means that they aren’t tested and end up spreading the infection to others.  However, just because you may not be experiencing symptoms, doesn’t mean you are safe and sound! An STD could still be quietly affecting your health.

When symptoms do occur, they can often differ depending on which infection you have.  Very often, the signs of a potential infection are quite similar to everyday illnesses. A sore throat, a fever or stomach pains could just be a common cold… but they can just as easily be a sign of specific sexually transmitted infections!

Some common signs of an STD in men may include:
  • pain or burning during urination
  • a need to urinate more frequently
  • pain during ejaculation
  • abnormal discharge from the penis, particularly colored or foul-smelling
  • bumps, blisters, or sores on the penis or genitals
Testing Options

STD testing for men is the same process as testing for women.  Luckily, you can now skip the trip to the doctor’s office by screening yourself at home with myLAB Box. This option avoids lengthy waiting rooms and awkward conversations about your bedroom activities. At home testing gives you the option to screen for an individual infections, such as syphilis, HIV, hepatitis c, chlamydia and more. These single tests are perfect for those who know that they have been exposed to a specific infection and want fast answers.

For routine testing, myLAB Box’s combination panels allow you to test for multiple infections using only one set of samples. Combining test kits reduces the overall cost and prevents the need for follow-up screenings. It also gives you more information so you can more fully know your status.  Crossing your fingers will only get you so far.

STD Testing For Men

Once you decide which at-home test kit (or kits) to order, STD testing for men is a breeze.

Here’s how it works:

Order your test online.  You even get free shipping. The process is totally private and the test arrives in a discreet package.

Test in just five minutes.  This can be done at any time and from any place, allowing for more versatility in your life than sitting in a waiting room will!

Results are provided online as well.  They are lab-certified, which means that they are the same results that you would receive from any medical facility.  They are also completely private.  You will log into a secure portal so no one else can see your information.

STD Testing for Men - Manly high five

When it comes down to it, STD testing for men is simple, convenient and worth doing on a regular basis.  It allows you to take control of your health and live your life with no worries. Don’t stress, just test!

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