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Can You Have AIDS And Not HIV?


Contracting HIV or AIDS is a common and regular fear among both old people and young. HIV is a virus that may eventually lead to the much more serious AIDS. AIDS is a disease that affects your body after many years of abuse from HIV. Once HIV weakens your immune system, it could lead to AIDS which will ultimately lead to death. A person has AIDS once their immune system is too weak to fight off any form of infection. They begin to develop certain symptoms and illnesses which their damaged immune system can no longer fight off. Not everyone who has HIV will contract AIDS,  but without medical treatment and a large arrangement of antiretroviral drugs the HIV infection will lead to AIDS. The timeline for this to happen is usually around 10-15, but prevention can start right now.


Since AIDS comes as a result of untreated HIV infections, the best and most effective way to avoid AIDS is by avoiding HIV. There are a number of ways to avoid HIV and at myLAB Box™ we care that you have the proper information to stay sexually safe, regardless of your sexual activity:

  • Communication: In this day and age, having an open conversation with your partner is completely normal. Ask them if they’ve been tested and how long ago those tests were done. Be honest and be open. Tell them if you’ve been tested yourself. The only way to truly know whether or not you have HIV is by getting tested. So if you have any doubts in yourself or your partner contact myLAB Box™ and get a trusted test without going to the doctor’s office.
  • Safe Sex: If you’ve had the talk and you’re ready to move to sex, remember to practice it safely. That includes using a condom and/or proper methods of birth control. Condoms are especially important if you still have doubts about your partner or if you decided to avoid the talk altogether. Celibacy is the only way to truly avoid getting HIV sexually transmitted, but celibacy isn’t necessarily realistic. Just remember to use a condom. If you can’t afford them, contact your local sex center or local university. There are usually tons of free condoms at state-run facilities, so know your options.
  • Don’t Share Needles: If you use IV drugs and have ever shared a needle, get tested immediately. Sharing needles is one of the easiest ways to catch HIV and eventually AIDS. During each and every injection, blood enters the needle and is held there until it subsequently used again. Sharing needles is effective and quick at transmitting HIV, so avoid it at all costs.
  • Get Tested: The easiest way to know whether or not you’ve contracted HIV is to get tested. Whether you’ve had unprotected sex, shared a needle, or are just generally worried, contact myLAB Box™ and get results that you can trust are accurate and discreet.

Luckily, acquiring AIDS is relatively difficult. For starters, the HIV virus needs to go untreated for years before the immune system is to the point that AIDS occurs. However, AIDS is not curable and is still an issue among many communities. Therefore, if you have any doubts or reasons to suspect you have HIV, get tested immediately by contacting myLAB Box™ and ordering an at-home std test. Our tests are discreet and if any discrepancies are found, our doctors will lead you down the path to treatment.   


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