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An Alternative to Quest Diagnostics STD Testing

An Alternative to Quest Diagnostics STD Testing

The inconvenience of scheduling an appointment, going to a clinic, and answering awkward questions is a common reason why people may avoid services like Quest Diagnostics STD testing.

There’s an alternative to clinic-based STD testing, with the same quality and reliability as a clinic-based STD test. At home STD tests take the drudgery out of getting tested and make sure you get your results fast.

How it works

STD testing doesn’t need to be time consuming or complicated. With an at home STD test like myLAB Box, you can order a kit online and receive it at home, anywhere in the US, in an unmarked package. The kit includes everything you need to take samples, along with instructions to guide you through how to do it like a pro (Read: Home testing kits: What comes with them?). You’ll get a pre-paid envelope to send the samples directly to the lab, and receive the results in 2-8 days*.

The results

We send all samples for testing at certified labs. These have the same diagnostic accuracy as using an in-person service like Quest Diagnostics. The difference is that with myLAB Box, you don’t have to leave your house! You won’t have to worry about running into someone or a breach of confidentiality.

We know you’re probably concerned about privacy, so we store test results on a secure server, which only you can access using your personal username and password. When your results are available, you’ll receive an email notification. You can then log in from anywhere to view them. From your results dashboard, you can download or print a copy for your partner or doctor and refer back to it at any time.


Compared to other testing options, myLAB Box tests are affordable and much more convenient. The popular chlamydia and gonorrhea home test is $79, compared to $139-$150 at many clinics.* You can also use HSA and FSA cards for payment.

This fast, accurate, convenient alternative is a no-brainer. Order a home STD test kit straight to your door.

Reviewed by Luis Ferdinand M. Papa, MD, MHA

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