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Extragenital Testing: The Anal and Oral STD Test You May Need in Your Routine

Extragenital Testing: The Anal and Oral STD Test You May Need in Your Routine

Tough question time: have you ever performed or received anal or oral sex? If so, you may want to consider extragenital testing! A standard test for sexually transmitted diseases and infections will only focus on your genital area. After all, this is the first place that comes to mind when it comes to STDs.

Unfortunately, certain infections such as chlamydia and gonorrhea can also occur  in your throat or rectal area. For that case, you’ll need to use an anal and oral STD test! Extragenital means that the test focuses  beyond the genital region. A three-site extragenital test includes genital, anal, and oral STD tests. It’s the best way to be completely sure of your sexual health status.

In today’s blog, we’ll discuss more about this three-site genital, anal, and oral STD test option!

Why Should I Bother with an Anal and Oral STD Test?

If you’ve ever gone down on someone, you’ll want to use an oral STD test. The same principle goes for anal sex.

Safe sex is always a smart decision. That said, don’t forget that oral sex and anal sex are just that – sex! Therefore, you should test appropriately!

As we mentioned, most standard STD tests will only focus on  the genital region. As you can probably guess, infections outside of this area can easily be missed. If you’re at a clinic or doctor’s office, you’ll have to specifically mention your oral and anal bedroom activities in order for the doctor to know that an anal or oral STD test is an appropriate screening option for you.

Extragenital testing, which can easily be done at home with myLAB Box’s at-home test kit, catches these potentially-missed diagnoses. Take chlamydia, for example. Chlamydia can infect both the throat and rectal regions in addition to the genitals. So can gonorrhea for that matter.

For maximum convenience, myLAB Box’s extragenital test will screen all three areas of your body for both chlamydia and gonorrhea at once.

Take an Anal and Oral STD Test From Home

Next, let’s explore how to screen from the comfort of home. Don’t waste your precious time sitting in waiting rooms. At myLAB Box, testing and treatment for three-site chlamydia and gonorrhea are available within a few simple clicks. It couldn’t be more convenient. Instead, test from home. In the end, you’ll receive the same lab test results that you would from any clinic or doctor’s office, but without ever having to step outside.

Here’s how it works:

  • Order any of myLAB Box’s STI testing kit options online. This includes most common infections in the United States. You can even test for multiple infections at once with a combination test kit.  (You even get free shipping!)
  • Collect a sample using the easy-to-follow instructions. This only takes about five minutes!
  • Send the sample off for testing. (More free shipping!)
  • Receive your lab results online in just days.

As you can see, the process is simple and thorough. Within days, you’ll receive your results. myLAB Box offers a free phone consultation with our physician affiliate regardless if your results are positive or negative.

The key to taking control of your sexual health is to have routine screenings. Set up a regular testing schedule to keep a close eye on your overall health. You’ll have total peace-of-mind without needing to spend all day answering questions in a clinic or doctor’s office.

As we always say to our customers, don’t stress, just test!

Reviewed by Luis Ferdinand M. Papa, MD, MHA

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