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Are At Home STD Tests Accurate?

Are At Home STD Tests Accurate?

We hear it time and again: “Are at home STD tests accurate?” We understand the concern.  Home STD tests are a foreign idea to many people. Testing at home is a new, innovative approach to healthcare. That said, once you try it, you won’t know why you ever waited!  So, let’s clear the air and take a look at the answer to your question.

Are At Home STD Tests Accurate?

The short answer? Yes!

In fact, results from at home tests are just as accurate as the results you receive from any clinic or medical facility. Tests offered by myLAB Box uses similar methodologies to those offered at a clinic. Therefore, accuracy levels are comparable.

All of our home STD tests use either an FDA-cleared  or are validated by a myLAB Box lab affiliate for self-collection and transport in the mail. To be clear, these tests have the same diagnostic accuracy as any other tests performed in a traditional doctor’s office.

Accuracy + Convenience

Not only are these home STD tests as accurate as going to a clinic, they are also far more convenient. Honestly, who wants to spend their day in a doctor’s waiting room when they don’t need to? After all, it only takes about five minutes to use an STD test at home.

That’s right, no awkward conversations with your doctor about your sex life.  Instead, you can control your own health and receive accurate, private results in return.

How It Works

Simply choose the home STD tests that best fits your needs. Then, order online.  Don’t worry, it will arrive at your doorstep in discreet packaging!  You can collect your sample at any time and from any place. Send your sample back and get results in a matter of days. That’s right, it’s just that simple!

You’ll get an email when your results are ready.  Once again, are STD home tests accurate with their results?  Yes, indeed! In fact, you can log into the secure user portal to access your private results as soon as you receive your email. Safe is sexy!

Reviewed by Luis Ferdinand M. Papa, MD, MHA

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