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Are There Any STD Testing Centers Near Me?

std testing centers near me

Are There Any STD Testing Centers Near Me? This sentiment is one of the major reasons why many customers visit myLAB Box for their first time.

The need for regular screening is greater today than ever before. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently estimated that there are currently 110 million cases of sexually transmitted infections in the United States alone. There has been a major increase in recorded cases of STIs and STDs.

Truth be told, it’s never been easier to be tested for sexually transmitted infections and diseases. Of course, while there are clinics and doctors in each state, that doesn’t mean that everyone uses them. Many people are choosing a different path. These people often find themselves either unable to travel to these clinics, or are simply too nervous to use them. So, if not a testing center, then what? Let’s examine a new testing method – lab-certified home STD testing.

“What Do I Do If There Aren’t Any STD Testing Centers Near Me?”

With such high numbers of infection, we understand why people are asking: “what else can I do if there aren’t any STD centers near me?”

In the past, your only option was to visit a traditional clinic or doctor’s office for an in-person test.

This is still a solution that most people choose. It’s traditional. It’s a tried-and-true method. We understand.

The good news is that now there’s a better solution. You can order and take a lab-certified test right from the comfort of home. These convenient tests only take 5 minutes to complete. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons people may want to look into this at home testing option, whether or not there is an STD testing center in their immediate vicinity.

Awkward Anxiety

If you feel comfortable talking face-to-face with a medical professional, in-person testing makes a lot of sense. Here’s the thing though: a lot of people aren’t exactly thrilled to share their entire sexual history with a stranger – even if that stranger happens to be a doctor. It’s an awkward conversation that most of us would rather not have. Some people feel judged or embarrassed.

For those of us who feel this way, visiting a clinic can be anything but calming. It can be a downright nerve-wracking experience. It’s not so much a “There aren’t any STD testing centers near me!” type of situation as much as a “finding a better, less invasive way to test” kind of thing.

Time is Money

Besides nervousness, there are plenty of other reasons to get tested from home. You just might not be able to take time off from work to get tested. Vacation days are precious, after all – and while getting tested is totally worth a vacation day, why bother when you have another option.  Get tested and save that vacation day.

It sounds weird, but taking control of your sexual health can be pretty inconvenient sometimes. Taking the time to go to a doctor or clinic can be nearly impossible for people with a busy schedule.

Additionally, the clinic in your area might still be too far to reach. Many people lack transportation options. Some individuals are disabled and can’t physically get to the clinic on their own. A wide variety of things can get in the way of getting tested. But the fact that getting tested is inconvenient doesn’t mean that it isn’t still vitally important for your health!

Fortunately, your nearest testing option is closer than you might think. myLAB Box’s innovative home STI testing kits bring the clinic right to your doorstep. Home STD testing offers a powerful alternative to the traditional in-person appointment.

Here’s how myLAB Box works:


    • It only takes 5 minutes to complete the test. Take as much time as you need to send it back!


  • Pop it back in the mail with our return-addressed stamped envelope. You’ll get your results securely online within a few days.

myLAB Box’s tests offer lab-certified results. That means that the at home STI test results you receive will be exactly the same quality as those that you would receive from a doctor’s office. Your personal test results will be stored on a secure server, so only you will have access to this sensitive information.

In the event that your results are positive, myLAB Box will empower you to speak with a doctor or medical professional. If you live in one of the many states that support telemedicine, you can even receive a prescription without ever stepping outside.

No STD Testing Clinic Near Me? No Worries!

Home testing kits provide all of the benefits of an in-person screening without the hassle of a trip to a clinic. Maintaining your sexual health with regular scheduled testing is the key to total health. myLAB Box puts you in total control. Knowing how and when to test for STDs is the key to success. myLAB Box tests for all of the most common STDs and STIs in the country. No matter how you choose to get checked for STDs, it is a critical step in protecting your overall health.

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