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Buying At Home STD Test Amazon: Explained

Amazon STD Testing Costs

Amazon has over a dozen options to choose from when searching for an STD test, but the question we often encounter is ‘how do I know which is reliable?’ and ‘is it worth the cost?’. Choosing the right test for you can be difficult, especially when some at home testing kits cost over $300. In this post, we’ll break down questions on a fact-focused basis regarding the pros and cons of buying STD and STI testing kits from Amazon’s online store.

Does Amazon Have At Home STD Testing Kits?

Yes, as of February 2019, Amazon carries at least 8 different STD and STI testing brands. In most cases, they are labeled as ‘kits’, which you purchase online, use to test at home and then send it to their lab of choice. These are considered over the counter (OTC) tests and require no prescription. With several companies offering STD products, you should be aware that some brands price themselves only for the kit, but charge additional fees to mail the test back to the lab and get the results. This is how many ‘DNA testing kits’ operate, both in stores and online.

How Much Do STD Test Kits Cost On Amazon?

One of the most frequent questions received is the pricing of STD and STI kits. Is it simply a flat fee, or are their additional hidden costs? As mentioned above, there are some companies that charge only for the kit. Hidden costs are normally found after purchasing a kit when you are required to pay additional fees to send it to the lab test and get results.

Generally, costs for STD tests on Amazon range from $20-$300, depending on exactly what you’re looking for. Based on the type of STD or panel test, the pricing is roughly as follows:

  • 7 Most Common STD Test: $200
  • Comprehensive 8 Panel, HSV-2, Hep C, Syphilis, Trichomoniasis, HIV (I & II), Chlamydia/Gonorrhea Test: $269
  • HIV Test: $30
  • Chlamydia/Gonorrhea Test: $80
  • HIV-I and HIV-2 Test: $80

Again, it requires consumer due-diligence to ensure that there are no hidden costs and fees when buying tests from Amazon.

Choosing The Right STD Test On Amazon

Likely one of the most asked and most important questions is ‘which company can I trust to provide the most accurate results?’. Amazon provides great products but it’s always up to the consumer to research the product, the company and the reviews listed before placing an order. There are several techniques to verify your STD screening product on Amazon:

  1. Reviews– The general consensus is the more high reviews, the better, but in this digital age, it’s relatively simple to submit fake reviews. When looking over reviews, make sure you specifically find “Verified Purchase” reviews- this means the customer has purchased the product from Amazon and creates more legitimacy for the review.
  2. Look at the Company– Some products are fulfilled by Amazon, while others are provided directly by the company. If the product is ‘shipped and sold’ by a specific company, click their profile to check them out and look over any other items they sell. Do their reviews look real? Do they advertise similar products and services?
  3. Verify the Company– STD/STI tests are in the medical market, meaning you will want to make sure they are approved by and complaint with government entities. Make sure the kit is FDA approved. Confirm that the product is HIPAA compliant. Review their website: does it feel like a legitimate business?

In Conclusion

Full disclosure: myLAB Box sells FDA approved, HIPAA compliant, anonymous, at home STD test kits that are available online. Our reviews speak for themselves, averaging a 4/5 stars for all of our products. Don’t get us wrong, other companies offer great products. Learn more about our passion for the industry and our expert medical team from our blog. Find out about all the tests we offer below:

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