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Why At Home STD Testing Is the Right Choice For You

Why At Home STD Testing Is the Right Choice For You

There are many reasons to use home STD testing.  Today we’ll discuss some of the many reasons why at home STD testing may be the right choice for you.

You Don’t Have Time

The traditional STD testing process is not exactly easy and convenient. Not everyone is able to take time off from work to sit endlessly in a waiting room.  Luckily, myLAB Box makes it possible to test for sexually transmitted infections at any time and in any place. Best of all, at home STD testing only takes five minutes. Lab-accurate results are available within several days.

You’re Nervous

It shouldn’t be embarrassing or nerve-wracking to talk with a medical professional about your sexual activities. That said, many of us find in-person testing to be terribly awkward. The truth is, lots of us avoid visiting a clinic because they are uncomfortable sitting face-to-face with a stranger to discuss their sexual activities.  This shouldn’t prevent anyone from testing. With myLAB Box, there is no need to divulge this information.  We will help you to find the right test for your specific lifestyle. Order online and test at home.  You don’t even need to go to a doctor’s office if you test positive. In these cases, myLAB Box will connect you to a physician for a free phone consultation.

You Don’t Have Insurance

When it comes to at home STD testing, affordability is a big consideration. For that reason, myLAB Box’s at home STD testing is priced to be affordable without the need for insurance.  In fact, these tests are about half of the out-of-pocket price that you would be charged at most clinics and doctor’s offices. Additionally, myLAB Box currently accepts most Flexible Savings Account (FSA) and Health Savings Accounts (HSA) payment cards as well.

Of course, money is only half the battle.  Even if you have insurance, your results will be reported to the insurance company’s affiliates and reported to the Medical Information Bureau (MIB) database.  This information can then be used to increase your cost of coverage in the future. With myLAB Box, your results remain confidential and secure. There is no risk of your testing data information being shared with your health insurance provider or MIB database.

You Want the Most Comprehensive Option

Screening is necessary, but the traditional method of testing is not necessarily the best choice. The myLAB Box difference is that, with at home STD testing, myLAB Box customers have more comprehensive options than they would have anywhere else.  This is why it offers an array of testing kits and combos to fit your specific lifestyle. The Total Box is a 14-panel test kit that tests for the most common infections in the United States.  This is the most comprehensive panel test on the market.  In addition, while the standard chlamydia and gonorrhea tests given at clinics and medical facilities only check for infections in the genital area, myLAB Box’s three-site Extragenital testing screens for these infections in the mouth and rectal areas.

At Home STD Testing Is the Right Choice For You

There are many reasons why at home STD testing options fit your lifestyle.  myLAB Box keeps you in mind in its fight against STDs and aims to empower you to take full control of not only your sexual health, but your overall health as well. It’s time to choose the convenient, affordable and private approach to STD testing.

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