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Baby It’s Cold Outside : Sexual Health Tips for the Winter Months

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Cold weather does a number on skin and hair. Dry skin, chapped lips, hair that lies flat—what’s a girl, or a guy, to do?

What about ‘other’ parts of your body. Are you paying attention to your sexual health? Scented lotions and creams are fine for hands and neck, but scents and artificial ingredients are not good for sensitive vulva and vaginal tissues.  All you need to keep genitals healthy is warm water. You don’t need soaps, or scented sprays as they can actually lead to irritation of delicate tissues. That also applies to flavored lubricants.

The real takeaway here is that you should be thinking about your genitals from a health perspective. So many women, and men, neglect their genitals–assuming that they can function quite well all on their own. Overall health includes sexual health. Regular checkups for women are important, particularly if you have multiple sex partners or are experiencing any irregularities.

There is new debate over how often to have Pap smears or whether the Pap test can be replaced with HPV testing, so discuss that with your gynecologist. Men should have regular prostate exams and discuss any bladder or erectile issues with a doctor as they may be early indicators of other health problems.

You can play your part by attending to the basics, which include washing with warm water, wearing loose cotton panties and pants to allow genital areas to breathe, and staying away from ‘feminine’ lotions and lubes containing artificial ingredients and additives, which can irritate those delicate tissues.

So, take care of your body this winter. And remember, “Safe is sexy.”  

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