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Benefits of Taking a Home STD Test

What Are the Benefits of Taking a Home STD Test?

There are many benefits in taking a home STD test instead of going to a clinic or doctor’s office. The truth is, many people avoid testing for sexually transmitted diseases at a clinic or office because of embarrassment, time constraints, nervousness and more. Luckily, myLAB Box eliminates these excuses by providing a safe, accurate and convenient alternative option: a home STD test.

No More Awkward Conversations

One of the most common reasons some people choose not to get tested for STDs at the clinic is the awkwardness of having a very private conversation with a total stranger. This is never pleasant. Sure, your doctor should always be trusted. They are trained medical professionals. They know how to answer your many questions. But discussing your sexual practices and preferences with them can still be uncomfortable.

For this reason, some people will avoid going for their routine STD test. Others will fib on the details of their sexual activities. For instance, suppose a doctor asks if you ever engage in anal sex and a patient says “no”… even if the actual answer is “yes.”  This may seem harmless. However, it may prevent the doctor from using vital testing techniques based on your sexual activity.  Most doctors only use a standard genital-only test for chlamydia and gonorrhea, but if you practice oral or anal sex, it is important to use a “three site” extragenital test. This special exam screens the mouth and rectum for infections in addition to the genital area.

Luckily, myLAB Box’s customers can skip the awkward small talk and take comprehensive and thorough tests from home. A variety of tests, including extragenital tests, allow you to determine which tests are right for you.

A Home STD Test Only Takes Five Minutes

Let’s face it: going to the clinic or doctor’s office is important, but it’s kind of a pain.  You often need to take time off from work, get over to the nearest location (let’s hope you have transportation!) and then sit in a waiting room for what seems like forever. That’s not even counting the time it takes for the actual appointment and any necessary follow-up visits.

What if all of this only took five minutes?  With a home STD test, that’s all the time it takes.  Simply order your test online with free shipping and receive your test in a discreet package in a matter of days.  Once your test arrives, it’s only 5 minutes to actually take. There’s no need to go sit in a waiting room either. You can take your test any time and any place.  In your pjs at 3am? No problem.  In your dorm room while your roommate is in class? Perfect timing!  Morning after a one-night stand? No need to make an appointment. Once you take your test – whenever it’s convenient for you – pop it back in the mail, again with free shipping.  Your lab-certified results will be available online!

No Judgment Here!

While doctors should be trusted when it comes to STD testing, many people still feel judged for their lifestyle. One customer, Alex, shared her STD testing story. She felt embarrassed by a nurse’s comment about her frequency of visiting the clinic for routine tests. She is certainly not alone.

Many LGBT individuals also report being subjected to abusive language, physical roughness, being shamed for their health conditions and being denied services. Of course this type of treatment is enough for someone to avoid returning to the clinic or doctor’s office altogether. According to a report on, transgender people are often reluctant to seek sexual and reproductive health care. In fact, one in three transgender people delayed or avoided preventive healthcare, such as pelvic exams or STI screenings, out of fear of discrimination or disrespect. This is unacceptable at myLAB Box.

A home STD test gives people the security and comfort they need and deserve. STD testing is an important step for any sexually active person who is looking to take complete control of their health.

Your Private Life Remains Private

One of myLAB Box’s core intentions when developing its at home STD testing service was to make sure that every test package is affordable, even without insurance (compared to out-of-pocket costs, the service is half the price of many conventional testing methods). myLAB Box protects your privacy and your personal information. This prevents insurance provider information bureaus from having access to your testing history. While your health insurance provider can no longer discriminate based on this information, your data could be used to drive up the cost of your insurance policies. Testing out-of-pocket provides more meaningful privacy and further cost savings for you down the line. myLAB Box does accept FSA and HSA payment cards. To use your card, check out like you would normally with any other payment method.

Your privacy is also of the utmost importance when your test results become available. These results, while convenient for you to access, are only that easy for you. Only you will know the results of your test.

No More Excuses

Many people don’t go to the clinic or doctor for a number of reasons: lack of transportation, embarrassment or having a disability, for example. A home STD test allows testing regardless of any circumstances or excuses that may prevent them from getting to a physical location. It’s an elegant new solution for taking active control of your sexual health.

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