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Why Do I Have Bumps on My Penis?

STDs can cause bumps on penis

There are plenty of reasons why bumps might appear on, or around, your penis. Some of them are harmless, and some of them could raise concern. Either way, it’s important that you stay informed and vigilant on your quest to health. Whether a simple pimple or a genital warts outbreak, myLAB Box™ and its team of doctors are here to help you stay informed and healthy. Before diagnosing your concerns, observe and rule out any simple irritants that you may have exposed your body to recently. For instance, have you used a new body wash recently? Have you razor shaved? Are there tiny white heads on the bumps, if so are they pimples? Could it be an ingrown hair? All of these examples are common and regularly mistaken for STDs. However, the most important factor in ruling out whether or not you have an STD is whether or not you’ve had sex before.   If you rule all of those options out and are still concerned, here is a list of possible STD or STI diagnoses:  

  • Genital Warts – The appearance of genital warts is common, yet also worrisome to someone that hasn’t seen them before. Genital warts will appear on, or around, the penis and can be itchy or have a burning sensation. They are associated with HPV and are spread through sexual contact with someone who is infected. There are currently no tests available for men, but over 3 million people are affected by the disease. If your partner has tested positive before, a doctor can prescribe medicine to control warts. Vaccines are available as a preventative measure, so talk to your doctor.
  • Herpes Simplex 2 (HSV-2) – most commonly referred to as genital herpes, HSV-2 is commonly responsible for burning irritation around the penis. During an outbreak, clusters of painful and small bumps accumulate and eventually burst with clear fluid. The external lesions usually become painful when bodily fluids or clothing comes in contact with them.
  • Penile Cancer A very rare and very serious ailment, penile cancer is no joking matter. HPV may increase your chances of acquiring it and unfortunately, there are no tests for men. Luckily, if you have a female partner she can contact myLAB Box™ and get a discreet HPV test mailed to her. Penile cancer is categorized by a sore or lesion that appears on the penis and matures to become swollen with fluids that emanate and eventually leak. Treatments include chemotherapy and operation. If you think you might have penile cancer, seek medical guidance.

  If you recently found bumps on your penis and are concerned about contracting an STD, then myLAB Box™ has all of the kits you need to stay informed. We will send you kits discreetly, quickly, and responsibly. Save a trip to your doctor’s office with our team of trusted professionals and people dedicated to your satisfaction. If you’ve ruled out all of the external reasons for the bumps on your penis, then consider whether or not the culprit is an STD.     

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