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Can Watching Sports Increase Your Sex Drive?

Can watching sports increase your sex drive?

Can watching sports increase your sex drive? According to research, yes!

So if you want to boost your bedtime fun, then you’d better get watching this Sunday! Maybe it’s those chiseled abs? The cheerleaders? Maybe it’s just the energy of competition?  No matter the reason, watching a heated sports game can get your adrenaline going! And we’re happy to remind you: adrenaline works like an aphrodisiac.

During the Olympics, the dating site EliteSingles did a study based on the answers of 33,000 Canadian singles.  It turns out that the very idea of liking sports can turned them on.  According to the study, 83% of those who said that they loved watching sporting events on TV also claimed to have a strong desire for sex.

So if you’re looking for some action, find yourself a partner who gets hot and bothered by a day spent on the couch screaming at the television.  Getting excited during the game can equal getting all fired up in the bedroom, too.

Watching Sports Can Boost Your Testosterone!

If you happen to be watching your favorite team play, football could really boost your testosterone levels and therefore increase your appetite in the bedroom.

According to researchers from Georgia State University, who studied fans during the 2014 World Cup, men who watched their team play experienced a 28 percent increase in testosterone. (Granted, they’re talking about the other kind of “football,” but the principle works the same!)

There’s just one catch: your side has to win. If they lose, your T levels could drop by the same amount. But then again, we’re sure you can find a way to comfort your partner in the bedroom as well!

A Good Excuse to Get Close

It may sound cheesy, but watching sports together can be deceivingly intimate and fun. Think about it: sitting next to each other on the couch makes for close quarters; rooting for the same team immediately highlights your common interests. It’s an excellent bonding experience and an even greater excuse for some physical contact like high-fiving when your team makes the play.

Besides, a good ol’ fashioned high school flirting can lead to a good ol’ fashioned rendezvous in the bedroom.  Maybe it can even lead to some role-play if you bring those jerseys into the mix!

Don’t Forget Those Super Bowl Babies

You may remember this clever ad from last year’s Super Bowl:

According to the NFL’s commercial, data suggests that nine months after a city’s team wins the Super Bowl, there is a clear rise in the number of births. Now, it isn’t exactly clear what data they were using to support that claim, but hey, it sure makes sense to us! While we don’t have any specific evidence on the “Super Bowl babies” theory, we do know from multiple accounts that major sports events can result in a spike in birth rates.

For example, The Boston Globe published a story about a sudden surge in babies being born nine months after the Red Sox won the 2004 World Series. Across the ocean in Spain, there were several records that indicated a rise in Catalonia’s birth rates after local teams won major games. The New Zealand Herald also reported that nine months after the All Blacks won the Rugby World Cup, multiple hospitals reported a sudden surge in baby births.

Like we’ve said, that rise in adrenaline and testosterone can surely lead to some feisty behavior!

Gear Up: Safe is Sexy!

It’s natural for sex to be impulsive in these situations. The high excitement can lead to an energetic and adventurous sexual experience. But when stress and aggression are high, it’s important to remember your health and safety above all else.

Parties for the big game are a great way to meet new people. It’s easy to get caught up in the moment, but it is even more important to stay safe. Safe is sexy, after all.

Remember that while condoms can protect from a having a “Super Bowl baby” of your own, they can’t completely protect you from sexually transmitted infections or HIV, so make sure that you and your partner have both gotten tested as well. Once you know that you’re safe and healthy, bring on the fun stuff!

Sex Can Help Relieve Stress

Whether tensions are high in the last minutes of the game you’re watching, or you’re playing the sport yourself, sex is a natural outgrowth of this tension release.  Just ask the Olympic athletes who went through 450,000 condoms in Rio during the Olympics.

Plenty of studies show that sex can relieve stress levels.  A study from Arizona State University indicated that “sex can lead you to feel less stressed, and being less stressed (or at least in a better mood) can lead to more sex.” So whether your team wins or loses, sex is still a great solution!


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