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Can You Catch An STD From A Virgin?

stds from a virgin

The short answer to whether or not you can catch an STD from a virgin is, yes. If two people that have never had sex before, engage in intercourse together then the chances of them exchanging an STD is relatively low.

Since STDs and STIs are mainly transmitted through sexual fluids, membranes, and contact, if neither party has ever engaged in that activity before then you are most likely safe. However, there are still a plethora of reasons that you should not only be safe when it comes to intercourse but be aware of the risks of having unprotected sex with anybody new. Even without direct intercourse, there are still other ways you could come in contact with sexual fluids and infected individuals. At myLAB Box™ we provide any information and testing you need to know that you are being as safe as possible.   

How you can catch without sex?

  • Kissing -Although not an exchange of seminal or vaginal fluids, can spread a number of the same STDs and STIs that sex spreads. Mononucleosis, better known as the “kissing disease” can infect an individual and make them sick and contagious for up to four weeks. Some people infected with mono describe side effects that can last for months or even years. Not only can kissing spread mono, but it also puts you at risk of catching Herpes. Herpes can cause oral sores that come in waves of breakouts that could affect you for the rest of your life. Chlamydia, another STI can also pose a potential risk if in contact with an uninfected mouth. Mouths, with their exposed membranes and entrance into your body, are at unusually high risk of infection. It’s very important to stay vigilant.
  • Needles -Even if a sexual partner has never engaged in sex before, countless STDs and STIs can still be transmitted through blood. That means that sharing needles in any capacity will put you at extremely high risk of catching something, especially HIV/AIDS. Since STDs and STIs are bacterial or viral, exchanging blood with someone who is infected puts you at risk to catch practically all of them. Sharing needles are a fast track to spreading diseases and infections, so always be aware of your partner.

Can you catch an STD from someone who has never had sex? Even though kissing and sharing needles are some of the quickest ways for you to catch an STD or STI without having sex, there are still other ways you may catch something.

catching stds from a virgin

Living in close proximity with someone inside of a dorm room or using public bathrooms may put you in contact with infected areas polluted with personal fluids. So whereas unprotected sex puts you at the highest risk of catching STDs or STIs, being with a virgin, or being a virgin yourself, does not make you entirely safe.

If you are curious at all about yourself or your potential partners, contact myLAB Box™ and order a testing kit today. Information is power and staying up to date with yourself is your number one weapon against STDs or STIs.  

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