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Please make sure to read the instructions in your kit before collecting your sample. Make sure to follow the instructions carefully to ensure proper collection. Improperly collected samples may invalidate your results.

If your test kit includes Blood Collection, please review this video [link to blood collection video]  prior to collection.  Important tips to keep in mind include:

  • Starting at the center, apply 3-6 drops to fill the circle and soak through the collection paper. 
  • DO NOT touch the paper with your finger as this will restrict blood flow. 
  • If you have to milk your finger a lot to get blood to flow, try piercing another finger with a new lancet. 
  • Once circle is full, move on to the next circle. 
  • It is okay for blood to extend beyond lines, but do not let blood spots spread into each other. 
  • DO NOT add additional blood to a circle once completed or dry. The layering of blood will invalidate collection.

Refer to figures below (included in Blood kit instructions) for examples of proper blood collection:

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