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5 Bad Excuses for Not Getting Checked for STDs

5 Bad Excuses for Not Getting Checked for STDs

Getting checked for STDs can be stressful. Nobody likes the idea of a ‘scary’ result. In fact, a lot of people will talk themselves out of getting tested just to avoid getting bad news. If any of these excuses sound familiar, it’s time to suck it up and get tested.

Excuse 1: “No one will sleep with me again”

Let’s look at the numbers on this one. According to the CDC*, approximately 20 million new sexually transmitted infections rear their heads in America each year. Do you really think that many people are never having sex ever again? Most STDs are curable in just days, and you can probably get right back in the game. The ones that aren’t curable are absolutely treatable and even people with incurable STDs enjoy long, sexually active lives.

Excuse 2: “I just don’t want to know”

This ‘head in the sand’ mentality is a huge contributing factor for those 20 million new STDs in America every year. Knowing your status gives you peace of mind. Test yourself, find treatment if necessary, and move on with a clear conscience. It’s all part of being a responsible sexual partner.

Excuse 3: “I don’t want to sit and have people judge me in a waiting room”

Walk-in clinics aren’t fun. Even if you’re at an STD clinic and know everyone else is there for the same reason, it’s normal to feel self-conscious about being there. Luckily for you, waiting rooms are a thing of the past now that at home testing** is easily accessible for everyone.

Excuse 4: “I don’t feel any symptoms”

Many STDs have mild symptoms or no symptoms at all. Some people dismiss them as signs of a cold or flu. This dismissal leads to a large number of STDs going undiagnosed and untreated, which results in spreading to more partners. If you’re sexually active, you need to screen yourself regularly. It’s as simple as that.

Excuse 5: “I don’t have time”

It might seem daunting to find a clinic, take time off work, wait to see a doctor, and hold your breath for up to several weeks for results. The experts at myLAB Box have taken this problem out of the equation with at-home testing kits that take minutes to complete–and results come in days, not weeks. Click here to find out how it works.

Stop making excuses. Get tested today!

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