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Coming Together: Celebrate Global Orgasm Day

Safe is Sexy: Celebrating Global Orgasm Day

It’s time to celebrate Global Orgasm Day once again!  Well technically, 11:11 GMT is the specific time to celebrate. This holiday hopes to achieve world peace through “psychic energy” by gathering millions of people together, all to come at the same moment! Let us take a moment to explain:

What is Global Orgasm Day?

Achieving world peace is a big job. That’s why, way back in 2006, an activist couple named Donna Sheehan and Paul Reffell created Global Orgasm Day. Why December 21? Well, Sheehan and Reffell intended for this worldwide celebration to coincide with the end of the winter solstice. Of course, it’s also a perfect time to “release” all of that year-end tension before the holiday season!

According to the official Global Orgasm Day website, throughout a given year, people on Earth experience more than 2.5 billion orgasms. This happens in every corner and culture across the globe. That’s over 100 million orgasms per hour, every hour. It’s 1.5 million orgasms each minute. That’s a whole lot of coming!

The real question that Sheehan and Reffell are asking is: what if you could harness all that energy to do some good in the world? How about world peace?

The website also calls the day “The Annual Global Orgasm for World Peace.” The idea that a day of collective orgasmic energy, during which everyone focuses on a hope for world peace, can bring a significant amount of positivity into the world… all while participating in a single mind-bending group orgasm. After all, we can sure use a little more positivity in the world today! Think of this experience as a form of mass meditation. This wave of good vibes will hopefully develop in a way that influences world leaders to learn to love and accept one another.

Getting Together

Originally, the first Global Orgasm Day was an all-day event, during which people were encouraged to orgasm within a 24-hour timeframe. The second attempt, the founding couple aimed to be even more precise. Rather than having people spread their feelings across 24 hours, the project aimed to have everyone climax at the exact same moment in time. Specifically, at 6:08 GMT on December 22, 2007… everything (and everyone) came together.

Fortunately, as the event has progressed, the timeline has been continuously adjusted, combining the approaches from the first two years. By now, in the twelfth year of the event, 11:11 GMT is merely a suggestion. Those of us with busy schedules are invited to participate at our leisure, at any point during the 24-hour period. That’s way less pressure! Just make sure to think about peace before or after, or even during, your participation. After all, that’s the whole point!

Orgasms for Everyone!

Orgasms are good for you. Despite rarely being talked about, they are condoned and celebrated by pretty much every culture on earth. We at myLAB Box are big fans when it comes to coming! Today, we’re celebrating alongside the millions of satisfied Global Orgasm Day participants around the world.

One more thing: if you’re sexually expressing yourself today, prepare to test yourself tomorrow! Regularly scheduled screenings for sexually transmitted infections are the absolute best way to stay safe and sexy. At-home STI testing kits from myLAB Box are a great way to screen without ever having to leave the comfort of home. That leaves plenty of time for extra orgasms!

Good luck and have fun everyone! As they say on the Global Orgasm Day website: Let’s “Come Together!”

Sounds like a great idea to us!

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