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Have Fun Even If You’re Not Ready to Have Sex

ready for sex myLAB Box at home STD testing

You and your new partner have sent in your test kits, now you’re waiting for results. What are you going to do while you wait?

All too often we rush into sex without getting to know each other. Taking it slow can make things all that juicier and exciting when you finally do have sex. There are plenty of activities that fall into the ‘we’re having sex’ category that are safe to practice while waiting on your STI testing.

  • Kissing- one of the sexiest ways to connect with a current or future lover.
  • While you can use condoms, they do not provide  100% protection against herpes. But fingers and sex toys are! Just be sure to wash them before touching yourself or others ;).
  • Mutual masturbation – fun, sexy and very safe.
  • Keep your clothes on!  Who says ‘fooling around’ isn’t fun and sexy? You don’t need to have penetrative sex to give, or receive, pleasure, trust us, we’ve tried!
  • Cuddle (Especially wonderful during cold nights)
  • Give each other massages.
  • Write each other sexy letters.

Get to know your partner by talking about sex. Create lists of things you want to explore. Plan your first sex date–where do you want to start out–dinner date, movies, a sexy night at home? What kind of activities do you want to engage in?  Make it a game, stir up anticipation and desire while you wait.

If you think sex would be inevitable, focus on activities out in public where you’re less likely to be tempted by thoughts of sex. Go to a movie, take a hike, volunteer together, browse antique stores…

Waiting to have sex until you’ve both been tested is smart and safe. You are being considerate of each other’s sexual health and that’s pretty sexy!

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