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A Brief History of myLAB Box’s STD Home Testing Kits

A brief history of myLAB Box's home testing kits

Like the idea of the earth being round, STD home testing kits haven’t been around forever. But thanks to a couple of ambitious women and a country full of smart and sexy revolutionaries, myLAB Box is thriving.

The Idea: Starting a Revolution

Founders Lora Ivanova and Ursula Hessenflow realized the need for a product like myLAB Box during an alcohol-influenced chat in 2013. Lamenting the perils of dating, and the awkwardness of sexual health conversations, Lora and Ursula decided there had to be a better way. So they set out to create one.

With backgrounds in PR, the pair weren’t experts in medical regulations. This wouldn’t stop them. Armed with a drive to bring accessible, affordable, and reliable STD testing to the doorsteps of every American, the women began their revolution.

The Team: Top Talent

The startup brought Dr. Gary Richwald on board as Medical Director. Dr. Richwald was the former director of the largest sexual health and STD services provider in the country: the LA County STD Program*. He’d seen how the existing system was broken, and would guide myLab Box to build connections with labs and physicians across the country.

The Funding: Climbing the Mountain

Throughout 2014, the team hit one milestone after another. From exclusivity agreements with labs to ramping up media attention, the buzz was there…but the money was not.

myLAB Box reached out to investors and took to Crowdfunder with the goal of raising funds to ramp up marketing. By December 2015, myLAB Box announced a successful round of funding led by K5 Ventures, securing $560,000.

“This round of funding enables us to fully realize our vision to lead a major paradigm shift in the marketplace by bringing the lab to consumers’ doorsteps.”**

– Ursula Hessenflow

myLAB Box scaled from an idea uttered in a bar to the first home STD testing kit available nationwide.

The tests: 10 to choose from

Ten tests are now available to myLAB Box customers:

    1. HIV


    1. Hepatitis C


    1. Genital Herpes (HSV-2)


    1. Syphilis


    1. Chlamydia


    1. Gonorrhea


    1. Trichomoniasis


    1. HPV


    1. Mycoplasma


  1. Ureaplasma

You can buy each test individually, or get a combination kit like the Total Box which tests for 10 STDs at once. Order a kit online and have it sent directly to your home. After a quick urine sample, swab, or blood prick, pop the kit in your pre-paid return envelope.

Results are available online within days. Read more here: Home testing kits: What comes with them?

The dream: Realized

Together with their top notch team, Lora and Ursula created the myLAB Box home STD testing kit and realized the dream of a convenient, affordable and reliable way to take your health into your own hands.

Join the revolution and order a myLab Box home STD testing kit now.


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