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How Can I Find an STD Testing Center Near Me?

STD check near me

Our readers are always asking us: “How can I find an STD check near me?” Good question! It’s closer than you might think.

How Can I Find an STD testing center Near Me?

Sexually transmitted infections and diseases are a constant concern in all of our lives. The traditional method of testing is to head to a doctor’s office or clinic. The benefits here are easy to see: sitting down with a medical professional or doctor can ease your worries. Many medical professionals can provide council and peace of mind. Our recent Guide to HIV Testing include some helpful links and information to help you locate a nearby clinic.

Home Testing Provides an Even Closer STD Check Near Me!

Regular screening for sexually transmitted infections should be the cornerstone of everyone’s sexual health. Back in the day, the only answer to “Is there an STD check near me?” was to visit a clinic or doctor’s office like we just mentioned above. In-person testing is still a fine way to get tested, but it simply doesn’t fit everyone’s lifestyle nowadays.

Sitting in a clinic can be a nerve-wracking experience for many people, particularly those who suffer from anxiety. We can certainly understand this feeling. The idea of sharing intimate details about your sexual history with a complete stranger is intimidating!

Going to a doctor or clinic can also be time consuming. It’s downright inconvenient to take time off from work for a doctor’s appointment. Many of our customers have told us: “My job is far too busy! I simply don’t have enough sick leave available to travel across town for an STD check near me!”

Plenty of other inconveniences can get in the way of going to an in-person clinic: disabilities, lack of transportation and embarrassment, to name a few. Still, inconvenience is not good reason to avoid being screened.

At myLAB Box, we’ve designed our process to eliminate these types of problems and the excuses that go along with them. Our service transforms this previously time-consuming chore into a fast, convenient experience.

Here’s How Our Home STI Test Kits Work:
    • 1-3 days after you click “order,” your home STI test kit will arrive in your mailbox.

    • It only takes 5 minutes to complete the test. Take as much time as you need to send it back!

  • Pop it back in the mail with our return-addressed stamped envelope.

Every single one of myLAB Box’s test kits provide the same lab-certified results you would receive from a doctor’s office or clinic. These results are also completely private. Your sensitive data is stored on a secure server that only you can access.

A Super Fast STD Check Near Me!

Wondering how long STD test results take? Here’s how quickly you can go from browsing our website to reading your results:

    • Your kit will arrive 1-3 days after you click “order.”

    • It only takes 5 minutes to complete the test. Take as much time as you need to send it back!

  • Once you mail it back, you’ll get your results within 2-8 days.

If you complete the test right away, the total time for the entire process, from the time you place your order to when you receive your results, will be between 3-11 days.

To add further convenience, myLAB Box also offers combination test packages. For example, myLAB Box’s Total Box is the most comprehensive STD test package on the market today. Additionally, our Love Box allows partners (or friends) to test together – 2 kits in one order!

To learn about the other at-home tests that are available from myLAB Box, check out our full line of test packages.

Regular Testing is the Best Testing

Where you choose to get tested for STDs is up to you. The only thing that really matters is that you treat testing as an ongoing process. This is not a once-in-a-lifetime event. Far too many people will never be tested. Some individuals will test a single time… but then never again. Regular testing is the only way to be absolutely sure that you are safe and secure. Making time for routine testing is the true key to complete sexual health.

myLAB Box offers a bold new personal choice for your overall health. As you can see, myLAB Box’s mission to make regular STD screening as easy and convenient as possible. Our at-home service provides you with the benefits of an in-person screening without ever needing to set foot outside. It makes taking care of your overall health more convenient and easier than ever before.  It also makes the quest for “Finding an STD Check Near Me” into a thing of the past. Whether you’re testing in a traditional office or via our at-home service, the method you use to test is completely up to you. Just make sure that you take control over your health and test regularly!

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