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How Much Does STD Testing Cost Without Insurance?

How Much Does a STD Test Cost Without Insurance
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How Much Does STD Testing Cost Without Insurance? That’s a complicated question.

Many people believe that screening is “free” at walk-in STD testing clinics. This is true in a sense. Many clinics will test you free of charge… if you qualify. That’s a pretty big “if” though.

Very often, to be eligible for free STI testing, you will need to meet certain patient criteria. Specifically, you may need to be a low-income earner without any health coverage. If you qualify for free testing, these clinics will provide a single test for free. You will then be charged for any additional tests out-of-pocket.

At myLAB Box, we don’t offer these half-measure solutions. Instead, we’ve got something better: an unrivaled level of privacy, and peace of mind, at about half the cost of these out-of-pocket tests. 

Nobody Needs to Know

A lot of people are understandably nervous about testing. Often they are too shy to go to a clinic or doctor’s office in the first place. This is often true for many sexually active teens. For them, the idea that a bill from an STD testing lab might be reported on their parents’ health insurance is terrifying.

Of course, that’s still no reason to avoid testing entirely. However, this does lead to many young customers (and plenty of older folks, too) asking our customer service team “How much does a STD test cost without insurance?” myLAB Box offers a solution that totally bypasses a need for the insurance companies that would alert third parties. This means that your results remain private.

Fortunately, we have answers for that. myLAB Box’s service for STD testing at home is specifically priced to be affordable without the need for insurance. This service offers confidential, lab-certified test results that can be purchased directly out-of-pocket. So, when using myLAB Box, how much does a STD test cost without insurance? The answer is: “about half of the price you would pay out-of-pocket at a doctor’s office.”

For maximum privacy, our tests ship in discreet packaging. Typically, these require only five minutes to complete. Even better, you can administer them at any time and in any place. If you live in one of the many states that offer telemedicine, and most do, there’s more good news. If you test positive, you’ll be able to speak with a doctor and be prescribed your treatment right over the phone. This consultation is completely free of charge. Best of all, it can save you money on costly follow-up appointments. Put plainly, this is the easiest and most convenient way to screen for STDs. 

Alternatives to Insurance

Fortunately, myLAB Box does currently accept FSA and HSA payment cards. We cannot guarantee that every card will be accepted. After all, these cards often carry varying rules and regulations. However, most people can use these cards by entering the information when checking out, just as they would with any other payment method.

How Much Does a STD Test Cost Without Insurance? Now you know!

That’s it! STD testing at home is a brave new step for medicine and self-care. It allows you to take total control of your sexual health with just a few simple clicks! A home testing kit from myLAB Box gives you accurate and timely results without the headache of an in-person appointment. If you need more information, please check out the myLAB Box FAQ page and the rest of this handy blog to learn more.

Reviewed by Luis Ferdinand M. Papa, MD, MHA

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