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How Planned Parenthood STD Testing Price Stack Up

How Does the Planned Parenthood STD Testing Price Stack Up?

The Planned Parenthood STD testing prices may be different from the myLAB Box at-home testing price. In fact, the Planned Parenthood price may even vary depending on which location you visit. In short, Planned Parenthood is a great resource, but it may not be the right solution for everyone.

That said, testing is vitally important for every sexually active person. In fact, one in three people have an STD, and 80% show no symptoms. There are 20 million new STDs in the United States each year. The wonderful thing about modern day medicine is that there are now other testing options available. It’s time to learn about these choices so you can decide what makes the most sense for you and your lifestyle.

Planned Parenthood STD Testing Price

As mentioned above, the Planned Parenthood STD testing price may change depending on several factors. The cost of your visit is determined on a sliding scale, so price will differ from person to person, and from center to center. Factors that may determine your Planned Parenthood STD testing price may include:


Since Planned Parenthood is a network of affiliates, each branch has its own rules, services and prices.

Your Income:

Some Planned Parenthood health centers have low-cost STD tests, the final price depends on your income. While these centers aim to charge you only what you can afford, many people have circumstances that prevent them from being able to match this cost.

Insurance Coverage:

In order to talk about prices, we need to discuss insurance. While some insurance companies may cover some of your bill, free isn’t always better. When your test costs are covered, your insurance company reports those results to the Medical Information Bureau database.  It also shares your results with its affiliates.  In the end, this information can be used to increase your cost of coverage in the future.

Without Insurance:

Some people may not have the option to use insurance.  In this case, you will be paying out-of-pocket costs for each STD test.  This can add up quickly.  Read on to find out why at-home testing is a better solution at a portion of the cost.

Cumulative Costs:

Often, tests at Planned Parenthood are offered individually rather than in a comprehensive package.  This means that you need to test for each infection, or set of infections, separately. Since STD symptoms look similar, and many infections have no symptoms at all, you may need to take multiple tests in order to know your status for sure. The cost of these cumulative tests can really add up!

myLAB Box’s At Home Testing Price

With myLAB Box’s at home tests, things are much simpler but just as accurate as the traditional, often-frustrating option of going to a clinic. Let’s take a look at the same factors as above.


myLAB Box does not require research to find out where you can screen for STDs. In fact, you can get tested right in your own home.  Skip the drive to the clinic and avoid that dreadful waiting room. Test where and when you choose!  myLAB Box ships to anywhere in the United States.


myLAB Box does not use a sliding scale for its test prices. Tests are affordable for all, no matter your financial situation.  Prices are the same no matter who is testing and where they are testing from. There’s even free shipping when you order, and free return shipping when you send back your sample.

No Insurance, No Problem:

myLAB Box’s home testing kits are designed to be affordable without insurance.  In fact, these at-home tests are each about half of the Planned Parenthood STD testing price when you’re paying out-of-pocket.  This provides an affordable option for those who don’t have any health coverage, and it gives people who have insurance the option not to use it.

myLAB Box currently accepts most Flexible Savings Account (FSA) and Health Savings Account (HSA) payment cards as well, for your convenience.  Luckily, at-home testing with myLAB Box also maintains your privacy.  Your lab-certified results are provided on a private and secure online portal. And those results are confidential.

Testing For Multiple Infections At Once:

By allowing customers to screen for multiple infections at once, the cumulative cost of their testing is significantly reduced. While the option to screen for individual infections is offered, you can also choose between a variety of combination panels.  These options allow you to test for multiple common infections with a single sample set.

myLAB Box’s combination panels include the:

There you have it: the difference between a Planned Parenthood STD testing price and a myLAB Box at-home testing price. When it comes time for your next routine STD test, skip the hassle, save some money, and test from home!


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