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Is At Home STD Testing Covered by Insurance? 

Is STD Testing Covered by Insurance When You Test at Home?  

Is STD testing covered by insurance when you test at home?  For starters, many people don’t even have insurance. Plus, those who do often still need to pay for some tests out of pocket.  However, myLAB Box’s test kits are designed to be affordable for everyone regardless of their insurance status.

Is STD Testing Covered by Insurance When You Test at Home?  

When you use an at-home test, it only costs about half of the out-of-pocket price as  most clinics. This takes the guesswork and frustration out of the entire STD screening process. To be clear, this means no more doctors’ offices. This also takes the uncertainty out of getting tested without knowing how much you’ll owe once you get the bill afterward.

Plus, myLAB Box accepts FSA and HSA payment cards. Keep in mind, these cards often have different rules and regulations. However, you can enter your card information as you would with any other payment method during checkout.

Save More by Testing for Multiple Infections at Once

In addition, you can save more money by pairing tests together rather than testing for each infection individually.  myLAB Box offers a selection of combination test kits that let you screen for multiple sexually transmitted infections at once.  These test kits include:


    • the 5-panel V-Box for Women’s Health, which screens for causes of abnormal vaginal discharge


    • the 8-panel Uber Box – the most popular combination test kit


    • the 14-panel Total Box – the most comprehensive at-home test kit on the market


  • the Love Box, which contains two Uber Box kits, allowing you and your partner to screen together.

Is STD testing covered by insurance when you’re testing from home? Not quite, while we accept HSA and FSA, the tests we offer are both very accurate and affordable even without insurance! 

After all, there’s no better way to get reliable, , convenient, and secure STD test results at a bargain price. Check out all the tests we offer and order your test online. Your wallet will thank you. Don’t stress, just test.

Reviewed by Luis Ferdinand M. Papa, MD, MHA

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