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Just Us Girls : myLAB Box is Joining Forces with Glow

myLAB Box joins Glow

We’re excited to announce a brand-new partnership: we’re teaming up with Glow, a company that helps women to take an active role in their reproductive and sexual health.

Right now, Glow is featuring myLAB Box on its website, as well as its Glow and Eve apps, as part of the launch of the company’s new “Premium Rewards” program. Members of this program will be able to purchase myLAB Box packages with an exclusive 20% discount. Both apps are available now for iOS and Android devices.

At myLAB Box, we’re fully committed to the idea of self-care. Just last month, our CEO, Ursula Hessenflow, hosted a dynamic panel discussion at Silicon Beach Fest about the future of personal healthcare. She was joined by leading health-based startup founders, health tech experts and our Medical Director, Dr. Gary A. Richwald. Together, they discussed innovations in VR, apps, web tools and more ways that are helping to improve patient care and promote wellness.

Women’s Health Defenders Assemble!

Our partnership with Glow extends that discussion. Here at myLAB Box, we are proud to be a part of Glow’s new program. Both myLAB Box and Glow have a dedication to empowering people with important information about their bodies. Our motto has always been “Safe is Sexy.” This partnership lets us team up and add value to Glow’s woman-focused health platform. STD testing is an important part of healthcare at any age and we are committed to making it as easy and accessible as possible.

myLAB Box is designed to fit the needs of any gender and lifestyle, This falls right in line with Glow’s powerful mission to provide women with more measurable, trackable information about their bodies. Today, the CDC reports that over 110 million Americans are living with a viral STD. Our hassle-free service screens for the most common STIs such as HIV, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea and Trichomoniasis with the same accuracy as a doctor’s office. Additionally, myLAB Box’s extragenital testing feature makes it the premiere option for both LGBT and heterosexual customers, empowering them to take complete control of their intimate lives.

This partnership will help Glow’s health-conscious women to skip awkward or inconvenient trips to the clinic. After all, in this “on-demand everything” world, today’s women needs health services that can provide the same level convenience and ease that we’ve come to expect from any other shopping experience.

Download the apps and check it out. You can learn more about Glow and Eve by visiting

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