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The Male Infertility Crisis

male infertility crisis

Is there a male fertility crisis?

Over the last 40 years, popular media has used the term ‘male fertility crisis’ to define the rather quick decrease in sperm quality across the globe. Not only is sperm quality dropping amongst recordable samples, but male infertility has been steadily dropping more than 1% every year since the late 1970’s. Interestingly these numbers are affecting only some of the more developed areas of Australia, Europe, North America, and New Zealand. If you live in any of these countries or areas, then the male fertility crisis could be affecting you and your future attempts at a family. Staying aware and educated is your best line of defense.

Why is my Sperm Count Decreasing?

There are a number of health reasons that could be causing your low sperm count. Even though the exact causes are hard to pinpoint, the number one sign that your sperm count is lower than normal is difficulty in conceiving a child. Testosterone levels are synonymous with sperm levels so if you recognize lowering levels in your libido, or facial hair, or moods, then getting your testosterone tested and regulated could solve your sperm levels. Unfortunately, understanding the exact cause of sperm decreases is very difficult and could take a lot of testing and trial and error.

If your curious about testing, myLAB Box™ now has a ship-to-home, keep-at-home, Male Fertility Test. Fertility is an important factor when weighing a male’s nutritional health. Our TRAK test supplies you with all of the tools you need to accurately measure your fertility levels over the course of four different tests. This allows you to get an accurate scope of your fertility as it fluctuates with the fluctuation of your own habits.

Some of the easiest ways to regulate your testosterone and increase your sperm count:

  • Exercise More – Exercising is one of the easiest and most effective ways to increase the testosterone levels that regulate sperm count. Going to the gym, or even going for a run, is no doubt a constant struggle, but the results are undeniable. Not only will you feel better, but that vote of confidence could send ripples through your reproductive system.
  • Eat HealthierThis is another no-brainer, but one that could turn your sperm count around. If you’re used to eating nothing but cheese and soda, then chances are your health systems aren’t entirely in order. Limit your alcohol intake, increase vegetables, and try to lose some weight. Oftentimes, the healthiest way out of a situation is the most natural.
  • Start Taking Supplements – Normally available supplements such as D-Aspartic Acid, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Tribulus Terrestris, Zinc, Maca Root, and Ashwagandha have all been recorded aiding your reproductive system and increasing your sperm count.

In the end, the male fertility crisis is a head scratcher for most scientists. Even though things seem normal, the male fertility levels across developed nations continue to drop. If you have any concern about becoming one of those statistics, contact myLAB Box™ today and have our kit mailed right to your home.


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