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myLAB Box vs. EverlyWell STD Tests: What’s the Difference?

myLAB Box vs. EverlyWell: What's the Difference?

You may have seen an at home health testing company, EverlyWell, on Shark Tank. We wish them the best of luck,  but since many people consider us to be a similar service, we would like to explain why we are  actually quite different.

While EverlyWell offers a scattershot of testing options, myLAB Box specializes and thrives in testing specifically for sexually transmitted infections and diseases. Sexual health is our passion. Today, one third of Americans are living with an STI or STD. Don’t you want to deal with an expert?

Double the Devotion

EverlyWell tests for some important sexually transmitted infections, but the key word here is “some.” Their offerings are bare-bones compared to myLAB Box’s expansive catalog of options. In fact, myLAB Box screens for double the number of infections versus EverlyWell.

Each of EverlyWell’s STD tests only screen for seven infections. On the other hand, myLAB Box’s 14-panel Total Box is the most comprehensive at-home test on the market. We want you to be able to take full control of your sexual health, and we provide all the tools you will need to do so. myLAB Box screens for: HIV (I & II), Hepatitis C, Herpes type-II, Syphilis, Chlamydia (genital, throat, + rectal), Gonorrhea (genital, throat, + rectal), HPV (for women 30 years of age and older), Trichomoniasis and Mycoplasma genitalium.

myLAB Box also provides far more variety in our testing choices. EverlyWell only has two purchasing options when it comes to sexually transmitted infections: male and female. At myLAB Box, options are the name of the game.

Find the Right Test at myLAB Box
    • Customers can test for individual infections if they choose. For instance, you may want to test for one particular STI instead of a whole battery.


    • A variety of panel tests are available for myLAB Box customers: a 4-panel Safe Box, 8-panel Uber Box and 14-panel Total Box give the customer the freedom to choose what is right for them.


    • Extragenital, or three-site, tests are a vital component to any comprehensive tests for chlamydia and gonorrhea. This is especially important for those who engage in oral or anal sex. Infections are often missed because many clinics, doctor’s offices and other at home services only test for these STIs the genital region. However, they can also appear in the mouth and rectal areas. We provide comprehensive testing that covers all bases.


    • Couples can test together Having great sex with the full knowledge that both you and your partner are free from dangerous infections creates less stress and better sex! The Love Box comes with two 8-panel tests so that you and your partner can be honest and have open communication with one another.


  • myLAB Box takes all lifestyles into account. This is why myLAB Box, unlike its competitors, offers testing that caters to the LGBT community and its needs as well.
The myLAB Box Process

With myLAB Box’s testing packages, you’ll never need to experience the inconvenience and awkwardness of a clinic waiting room. Best of all, you won’t need to sit face-to-face with a stranger, recounting your intimate bedroom history.

    • Order your test with free shipping. It will arrive in discreet packaging!


    • It only takes about five minutes to take the test – you can do this any time and any place!


    • Pop it right back in the mail in your pre-paid return envelope. It’s that simple!


  • Results are available within 2-8 days from when you returned your test. You’ll receive an email inviting you to check your results online using your secure personal login.
Receive Fast Lab-Certified Results

What sets myLAB Box apart from other home testing companies is that its testing is designed by the top STD experts and doctors in the United States. All of our customers’  samples are then processed at certified labs that offer the exact same caliber of results you would receive from a clinic or doctor.

You’re the only one who can view these results. You can refer back to them at any time, or print them for your personal doctor. Our affiliated physician networks and STD experts ensure that your lab results are handled with care and meet nationwide healthcare standards.

Telemedicine Puts You In Control

As a fully integrated service, myLAB Box handles your entire experience: from testing to treatment. This is why our test packages offer another incredible feature: telemedicine. In the event that your results are positive for any infections, you will receive a free consultation with a certified STD counselor or physician.

If you live in one of the many states that supports telemedicine – and most do – you can* even receive a prescription for treatment right over the phone. Throughout the entire myLAB Box testing process, professionally trained counselors are available to provide assistance and to answer your questions.

No Insurance Required

myLAB Box offers quick and confidential tests that designed to be affordable without insurance. By cutting out the middleman, we’re able to offer this service at significantly reduced rates. This means that our tests cost about half of the out-of-pocket price you would pay at a doctor’s office.

At myLAB Box, your privacy is of our utmost concern. When you use health insurance to cover the cost of STD testing, your results are recorded in the Medical Information Bureau (MIB) database. Every insurance provider in the United States has access to the MIB and this may mean an increase in your policy down the road.  At myLAB Box, your results are completely your own.

EverlyWell: Swimming with Sharks

That’s it! STD testing at home is an innovative new step for medicine and self-care. Take total control of your sexual health with just a few simple clicks! A home testing kit from myLAB Box gives you accurate and timely results without the headache of an in-person appointment. But it also gives you a variety of affordable options that empower you to control your health, not the other way around.

We aim to make the entire testing process as painless as possible. myLAB Box is simply the most qualified company to help you maintain total control of your sexual health.

Granted, we may not have been a contestant on Shark Tank… but we know all about navigating dangerous waters!

For more information about myLAB Box, please check its FAQ page, blog and testing options.

*Please note, availability of consultation and treatment services varies by state of residence and symptoms.

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