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myLAB Box in Portfolio Collection

Catch myLAB Box in Amazon's Portfolia Collection

We want to remind our readers that myLAB Box tests are available on Amazon as well as our website’s store. We’re proud to be partnering with on its Portfolia Collection, a unique program that focuses on women-led startups.

Update: Since the initial announcement below, we’ve greatly expanded our test offerings. We now boast the most comprehensive battery of lab-certified Sexually Transmitted Infection testing packages on the market today.

This partnership allows customers to buy directly through Amazon while taking full advantage of myLAB Box’s fast and secure online results!

Here is the original full press release:

myLAB Box Joins Amazon Launchpad As Partner in the Portfolia Collection

Innovative Nationwide At-home STD Testing Service Announced as a Premier Partner of Amazon Launchpad’s New Program To Highlight Products from Women-led Startups

Digital health innovator myLAB Box, the first nationwide at-home STD testing service, today announced its partnership with Amazon as part of its new Portfolia Collection – a unique program that showcases innovative products from women-led startups to millions of Amazon customers.  This partnership will allow customers to purchase services directly through Amazon while taking advantage of myLAB Box’s fast and secure online lab-certified results, further emphasizing myLAB Box’s commitment to making the testing process as convenient as possible.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that 110 million Americans are living with a viral STD. myLAB Box’s hassle-free service screens for prevalent STIs such as HIV, Chlamydia, Gonorrhea and Trichomoniasis, with the same accuracy as clinic or doctor’s office test results. Additionally, myLAB Box’s new extragenital testing initiative is helping all sexually active adults take complete control of their sexual health by testing for oral and anal infections.

“We’re excited to announce this partnership with Amazon. As the first and only nationwide service to empower U.S. adults to test for STDs from the comfort of their homes, myLAB Box makes taking better care of your health a no-brainer,” said Lora Ivanova, Co-Founder and CMO of myLAB Box. “In addition to buying directly from our website, customers who are more comfortable shopping through Amazon now have easy access to their world-class retail experience. No matter what, peace of mind is just a few clicks away and without the need for inconvenient trips to the clinic.”

myLAB Box has become the new standard for sexual health, with:

  • at-home STD test packages for every lifestyle discreet packaging and free shipping
  • easy five-minute tests that can be completed whenever, wherever
  • peace of mind with lab-certified results
  • free physician treatment consultations for those with positive results

To learn more about the myLAB Box service, visit:

About myLAB Box
Founded in 2013, myLAB Box is the first company to offer a nationwide at-home screening platform for STDs. Championing the motto “Safe is Sexy” the innovative e-retailer presents a solution with unprecedented ease, convenience and price. Suitable for men and women, the service empowers users to detect prevalent infections early in or out of relationships and take better care of their health. Headquartered in Los Angeles, California. For more information, visit:

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