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New Year’s Resolutions for Your Sex Life

Every year we pledge to go to the gym more, to lose weight, quit smoking, etc. It’s always some life-altering thing we think will make us happier. In reality, the things that make us happier are much simpler and less ‘dramatic’.

Try something new as you think about 2016. We’ve got some New Year’s resolutions for you, some so juicy we’re thinking about following our own suggestions!

  • Get to know your own body’s sexual response. The more you understand about your own desires the easier it is to communicate with a partner. Give yourself permission to touch and explore your body.
  • Do a survey of your sex life. What makes you happy? What would you like to change or improve?
  • Do inventory. Check the expiration date on condoms and lubricants. Throw away any condoms that are out of date or look like the package might be torn or damaged.  Remember, storing condoms in your wallet or other hot areas is a bad idea as heat can cause the latex to deteriorate.
  • Make a pledge to talk to your doctor about your sexual health. We forget to talk about that and many doctors feel awkward asking.
  • Read at least one book about sex. The quest for knowledge extends to your sexual life as well.
  • Give yourself a special treat. Take a relaxing day just for you. Go to a spa. Book tickets to that sports event. Fix yourself a nice meal. Indulge yourself.  Remember, self-love is the first step to being more available to a partner. And who doesn’t love a play date?
  • Get tested for STDs. Have the peace of mind of knowing your status. Be proactive about taking care of your sexual health.

What other suggestions do you have for a healthier, sexier 2016? Post your thoughts on our Facebook page and help us share the sexy wisdom here.

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