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Oral Gonorrhea Test Kit

Oral Gonorrhea Test

Where Can I Get An Oral Gonorrhea Test?

Have you taken an oral gonorrhea test? If you engage in oral sex, you should! Gonorrhea is spreading like wildfire these days. If you’re not testing properly, you might never realize that you’ve been infected.

What is Oral Gonorrhea?

Contrary to popular belief, a gonorrhea infection isn’t limited to the genital area. Gonorrhea can infect three places on the body – the genitals, the mouth and the anus/rectum.

Today, we’re focusing on oral gonorrhea. In these cases, symptoms typically resemble a sore throat. You may have difficulty swallowing as well. To make matters worse, people with oral gonorrhea may not experience any visible symptoms at all. This is why an oral gonorrhea test is so important.

What is So Special About an Oral Gonorrhea Test?

Here’s the big issue with this particular sexually transmitted infection: standard genital-only screening will never find it! You’ll need a specially-designed oral gonorrhea test in order to diagnose this infection.

If you practice oral or anal sex, a standard gonorrhea test is simply not enough. The infection won’t even be detected. Instead, you should use an “extragenital” test like the one myLAB Box offers. Extragenital testing is the key to becoming absolutely sure of your status.

You can make an appointment at your local clinic for an oral gonorrhea test, or, order one at-home gonorrhea test and chlamydia test at myLAB Box.

The gonorrhea test administered at your clinic or doctor’s office may only be a urine test. If you don’t ask the provider to swab your cervix, penis, anus, and mouth, they might miss a gonorrhea infection in one of those places.

An oral gonorrhea test involves swiping your mouth with a cotton swab and sending it off to a lab to be analyzed for STDs.

myLAB Box’s three-site gonorrhea test screens for chlamydia at the same time and detects infections in the mouth, genitals, and extragenital area. Screen for all potentially infected areas in one shot to save time and money with myLAB Box’s STD testing kits.

What Happens If I Have Oral Gonorrhea?

Gonorrhea infections in the throat are harder to cure than genital or rectal infections, but it can be treated with special antibiotics if your oral gonorrhea test comes back positive.

Gonorrhea could lead to serious health problems if you don’t treat it. In women and men, untreated gonorrhea can increase your risk of acquiring or transmitting HIV, the virus that causes AIDS.

Let your partner know that your oral gonorrhea test came back positive. You both should abstain from sex and they should gonorrhea test right away since you could have infected them.

Advise your partner to take an extragenital STD test that will cover oral gonorrhea, as well as the genitals and rectum. myLAB Box tests all three areas for gonorrheaand chlamydia in one easy-to-use test. You’ll get lab-certified results in a few days and recommendations if you need to speak to a doctor. What more could you want?

Who Is At Risk For Oral Gonorrhea

If you’ve engaged in oral sex you’re at risk for gonorrhea and should order an oral gonorrhea test. Gonorrhea is a sexually transmitted disease (STD) that’s transmitted through body fluids and can infect your mouth or throat, genitals, or anus.

Unless your partner told you that they have gonorrhea after you performed oral sex on them, the only way to tell if you’ve been infected with gonorrhea in the mouth is to take an oral gonorrhea test.

This “silent” STD is on the rise, likely due to an increase in oral sex and the millions of bacteria in the throat that serve as a reservoir for STD infections.

Although gonorrhea is treatable with antibiotics, it’s important treat this infection early since some strains are becoming more resistant to bacteria.

How Can You Get Oral Gonorrhea?

Simply put, through oral sex. Gonorrhea is an STD that has over 820,000 new infections annually, according to the CDC. Most of those gonorrhea infections are among people ages 15 to 24.

While 85 percent of sexually active adults in the 18-44 range say they’ve engaged in oral sex, chances are that most of that wasn’t performed using a condom, dental dam, or other barrier.

Can You Get Gonorrhea in Your Mouth or Throat?

Gonorrhea is a bacterial infection that is most commonly spread through the genitals during sex. It’s symptoms vast and includes burning discharges, swollen genitals, and all kinds of itchiness. Unfortunately, gonorrhea has evolved to the point that you can catch it in both your mouth and your throat. In fact, engaging in oral sex with someone that is infected will almost guarantee that you catch the disease. That means that gonorrhea is entirely transferable between the genitals and the mouth or throat so regardless of your sexual contact, it’s important to know that any contact will put you at risk of catching the infection.

Performed oral sex on your partner? If they had a genital or anal/rectal gonorrhea infection, you’re at risk for this oral STD. Any unprotected oral sex puts you at risk for oral gonorrhea and other STIs.

Signs You Should Take An Oral Gonorrhea Test

Symptoms of oral gonorrhea are difficult to detect. You might simply think you have a sore throat due to a cold or allergies that doesn’t seem to be going away.

Oral gonorrhea symptoms in women:

  •       Sore throat
  •       Pain when swallowing

Oral gonorrhea symptoms in men:

  •       Pain in the throat when swallowing
  •       Sore throat

Since these symptoms could easily be mistaken for a less serious health issue, taking an oral gonorrhea test is the only way to truly know your health status.

Can you catch gonorrhea in your mouth through casual contact?

Luckily, gonorrhea spreads primarily through sexual fluids. That means that in order to catch it, one needs to come into direct and open contact with sexual fluids. That includes semen, vaginal discharge, and mucous membranes, all transmitted sexually. Unlike syphilis and herpesgonorrhea doesn’t transfer easily through kissing or from the rim of glasses. As long as you aren’t having anal, vaginal, or oral sex with somebody that is infected, you should be relatively safe from infection. However, there is always a chance that residual fluids in somebody’s mouth could infect you or somebody that that individual comes in contact with. Always be aware of who you choose to be sexually active with. 

How to Order a Home Testing Kit from myLAB Box

As you can see, screening all three areas will provide you with more comprehensive results. Using a home testing kit allows you to take control of your sexual health from the comfort of home.

The process of ordering from myLAB Box is easy. Here’s how it works:

  • Order a home testing kit. You even get free shipping! In a matter of days, you will receive your test kit in the mail. Keep a look-out – it will be in a discreet package so that your personal business remains private.
  • Collect a sample using the easy-to-follow instructions. This step only takes five minutes. As mentioned above, you are free to use the test at any time and from any place.
  • Return your sample for testing. You can use the pre-paid return envelope that is included with your test kit. That’s right – more free shipping!
  • Receive your lab-certified results online in just days. You will get an email when your results are ready. Simply log into myLAB Box’s private and secure portal to get your results.

So there you have it. myLAB Box’s comprehensive testing options mean that you will always be in control of your sexual health. When used regularly, you’ll never have to miss a diagnosis again. It couldn’t be easier to test from the comfort of home. It’s a recipe for great health and a total ease of mind!

As we always say at myLAB Box: Don’t stress, just test! You’ll be glad you did!

Can you treat oral gonorrhea?

Luckily, since gonorrhea is a bacterial infection, there are ways to cure it. In order to successfully take care of the infection, you must first get tested. At myLAB Box™, we provide you with any kit you need to get tested in the privacy of your own home. Knowledge is the first step to prevention so don’t hesitate to get tested. 

Once diagnosed, you will be assigned a course of antibiotics that you must complete in its entirety. Any prescription must be followed through and completed in order to fully take care of a gonorrhea infection.

Why Some Clinics Miss Oral Gonorrhea Test Results

Oral gonorrhea can be easily missed at some clinics and medical facilities. When infections go undiagnosed, they can cause major complications and the infection can then spread to more people. So, how does this happen? Let’s start at the beginning. In general, gonorrhea is a tricky infection. This is one reason it is the fourth most common sexually transmitted infection in United States.  But things get even trickier when infections are missed.

Why Some Clinics Miss Oral Gonorrhea Test Results

Gonorrhea can be found in three places on the body – the genitals, the mouth and the rectum.  The problem is that the standard test at a clinic or doctor’s office only tests for gonorrhea in the genital area. This is a good start, but anyone who practices oral or anal sex may have this infection in the mouth or rectum, where this standard test does not screen. This means that even if you get tested, the infection may be missed.  No diagnosis also means no treatment and more complications.

We’re not just blaming the clinics here. Often, the reason oral gonorrhea (or anal gonorrhea) is missed is because people are not always comfortable talking with their medical professional about their sexual activity.  While we urge you to trust your doctor, we also recognize that this process can be awkward, make you nervous, or in some cases even make you feel judged.  The truth is, if you aren’t fully open with your doctor, you may not get all of the tests you need.

Still, why not be certain that you are getting the tests that fit your personal lifestyle?  Luckily, now you can order these tests on your own without ever stepping into a doctor’s office.

Reviewed by Luis Ferdinand M. Papa, MD, MHA

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