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What to Do When Your Partner Wants an HSV Test

What to do when your partner wants an HSV test


Having your partner tell you that they want you to take an HSV test can be really uncomfortable at first. However, maybe you’ll feel a bit better knowing that the herpes simplex virus is the second most common STD.

It’s absolutely possible to live with the virus and never experience symptoms. It’s also possible to still enjoy your sex life while living with HSV (more commonly known as herpes).

Recognize a blessing in disguise

When asked to get an HSV test, an uninformed person’s knee jerk reaction might be to get offended. Fact is, HSV can be passed on even if protection is used correctly, and many people carry the virus for years without experiencing any symptoms.

An HSV test can clear the air, provide peace of mind for both partners, and everyone involved can move forward with their lives knowing they’ve done their due diligence as responsible, sexually active adults.

Keep an open mind

The best course of action is to keep an open mind. Let go of any social stigma surrounding HSV. Educate yourself on the symptoms of genital herpes and differences between HSV-1 and HSV-2, the incubation and testing timeframe, and the treatment options recommended by the CDC* in the event you do have an outbreak.  

Understanding HSV and disregarding the myths and misunderstandings surrounding it will make you a better partner. You can even help ease any tension or worries your partner might be experiencing due to their misconceptions about the virus.

Test together

Offering to take an HSV test together will go a long way toward any tension surrounding the topic.

Find out how it works, and move forward with the peace of mind you both deserve.

Take an at home herpes test together in privacy, making the experience easier for all involved.

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