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#PrideIsSexy at myLAB Box

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June is LGBT Pride Month, and now more than ever, the LGBT community, and those who support it, need to come together and stay strong. To celebrate our LGBT friends, we are offering 20% off to ALL of our customers – gay, straight, transgender or other – who order from our site while using the code “PRIDE20” by end of July 2016.

At myLAB Box, our at-home STD testing service is designed to fit every lifestyle and we are thrilled to offer a self-testing program which is universal and inclusive, putting you in total control of your health.

Hashtag #PrideIsSexy to celebrate gay pride this June and every day. As sexually active adults we should always proud to be take control of our sexual health.

So, why #PrideIsSexy?

It’s been just one year after the Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriages. So yes, we’re celebrating loud and proud – not only during Pride Month, but all year long.  That’s why we’re launching #PrideIsSexy.

myLAB Box is more advanced than many traditional testing clinics and services. Extragenital testing (screening of the rectum and throat) is critical for anyone who engages in oral or anal sex; however, many people don’t know this because additional testing is often only offered upon request. A typical STD exam can miss as many as 20% of oral or rectal infections, so if your sexual repertoire includes either, it is imperative to test at the site for possible infections.

myLAB Box is proud to offer these additional options.  This marks a major step toward helping to standardize a more comprehensive screening process.

#PrideIsSexy All Year Long

Far too many people get tested only once, and then never again. Even more alarmingly, less than 1/2 of U.S. adults aged 18 to 44 have ever been tested even once for an STD other than HIV.  That’s a lot of untested sexually transmitted infections.

Environmental, social and cultural elements factor into the difficulty that many populations have in accessing quality health care, which contributes to the higher STD burden. With myLAB Box’s to-your-door service, and 20% discount, there’s no excuse for not getting tested regularly and being on your way to a safe and healthy sex life in under five minutes.

Now Tell Us Why #PrideIsSexy to You
  • Use the hashtag! Share news, celebrate Pride Month, promote our PRIDE20 promo code, support the LGBT community and share the tips in this article to help spread the word about how important testing is to our overall health. Don’t forget to tag us!
  • Use the hashtag to share your story. Tell us why #PrideIsSexy to you. Let’s join together to celebrate accomplishments of the LGBT community throughout the year, and talk as a community about how we can continue to overcome adversity and promote a healthy lifestyle.
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