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Why Do I Have A Rash On My Penis?

rash on penis
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Can STDs Cause Dry Itchy Skin On The Penis?

Getting a rash anywhere on your body is worrisome. It’s even more worrisome when a rash appears somewhere you’re not used to, especially your penis. Luckily, a rash on your penis is no death sentence. In fact, many rashes can be fixed with a trip to your doctor or a test from myLAB Box™. Rashes can also be caused by outside factors. These include humidity, heat, dryness, and clothes that you might be wearing. There are STDs that can cause a rash but usually dry and itchy skin on the penis is not STD related. Either way, it’s important to stay on top of any irritations or rashes on your body. Below is a list of a few different causes for that disrupting penis rash:

Genital Warts: At myLAB Box™,  we send you discreet tests for a wide range of STD’s and STI’s. If you find a rash on your penis, then you should be prepared to test for a herpes infection. Herpes is constantly transmitted and extremely common. Symptoms include itching, the appearance of warts, and rashes around the genitals or anus. That means that even without the appearance of warts, you could still have an activated herpes virus. Herpes will stick with you for life, so finding out early makes for much easier treatment.

Jock Itch: Jock itch is a fungal infection that infects the pelvic area and is extremely common among men that wear tight fitting underwear or pants. Jock itch, when identified correctly, can usually be resolved in a matter of days without any lasting effects. Jock itch causes an itchy, red ringed, infection that is as irritable as it is noticeable. It is created from a mixture of trapped moisture and fungus.   

Yeast Infection: This is another fungal fueled infection that causes redness, itchiness, and irritation around the penis. Although not classified as an STD or STI, it is transmittable through sex and causes infection on the membranes of your skin. Symptoms are typical of a rash and include redness, swelling, and an appearance of yeast spots around your penis.

Pimple: Probably the simplest cause of rash around your penis, having a pimple on or around your penis could cause a similar rash to that of the STD’s listed above. If you have one, or even a few pimples, simple cleanliness habits could clear that up for you.

Penile Cancer: Perhaps the most serious of the causes, penile cancer is a very rare and very serious illness. HPV may increase your chances of acquiring it so if you have been diagnosed before, it’s good to stay aware of its possibility. Luckily, if you have a female partner she can contact myLAB Box™ and get a discreet HPV test mailed to her. Penile cancer is classified by a sore or wound that forms on the penis and becomes enlarged with fluids that smell and ultimately leak out. Treatments include chemotherapy and surgery. If you think you might have penile cancer, seek medical guidance. In the end, there are multitudes of reasons why you might have a rash on your penis. Many of them are common, and many of them are uncommon. Either way, stay informed and on top of any diagnoses by contacting myLAB Box™ and scheduling your test today.    

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