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Safe Is Sexy Guide: 5 Sexy Summer Destinations

sexy summer destinations

It’s summer, so it’s the perfect time to talk about sexy summer destinations!

As the most complete home testing service for sexually transmitted infections in the United States, we often hear a lot of wild stories from our customers. Many of them have travelled the globe searching for intimate fun in the sun. Fortunately, when they come back, they do the responsible thing: they hop on our website for their regular STI check up.

So, just where are those hot hook-up destinations outside of the U.S.? Well buckle up and keep reading!

5 Sexy Summer Destinations
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Even before hosting the Olympic Games, Rio was, and remains, quite the hot-spot for a traveller looking for love. Home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, Rio is one of the most sexy summer destinations. This lively Brazilian metropolis just screams excitement, with drinking and dancing long into the night. If you really want to see Rio’s wild side, make sure you’re in town for Día Internacional del Orgasmo Femenino – International Day of the Female Orgasm – every August 8th.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Not to be outdone, Buenos Aires can easily give Rio’s red-hot parties a run for their money. Buenos Aires is the birthplace of “the forbidden dance” – the tango. Renowned as one of the most passionate Latin dances, a night of temptation-fueled tango can last until sunrise. And then some!

If you’re not much of a dancer, this exotic cosmopolitan city has plenty to offer anyone looking for love. This town is positively oozing with culture, clubs, fine dining and sophistication.

Paris, France

Paris has long been known as the “City of Love.” That’s a tough act for any other destination to follow. This city is the international symbol of romance, where everyone speaks the most romantic of the romance languages… what more can we say? Paris, home to the Moulin Rouge, has it all: picturesque architecture, delicious food, sumptuous wine and keeps its finger at the pulse of the fashion world. For those who are looking for a more salacious night, head on down to the cabarets for some of the most erotic nightlife spectacles you’ll ever see.

Barcelona, Spain

In addition to gorgeous vistas, Barcelona is also one of the sexiest summer destinations. This Spanish-speaking metropolis is a perfect blend of ancient city and modern sensibility. Take in the sunset with a 360º view of the city from Turo de la Rovira. Or party all day, and then long into the night, at the fabulous nightclubs and tapas bars. Whether you’re there with a long-time partner or you’re on the look-out, you’ll always find something, or someone to do. Barcelona is truly one of the few cities in the world that never sleeps.

Montreal, Canada

That’s right, we’re wrapping this up on our neighbor to the north! This unexpected addition to our list offers a range of romantic to randy. You might be surprised to learn that Canada hides one of the most alluring cities on earth. Montreal has all of the exotic accents and sexy appeal of a posh European city that you’d expect… but without the long trip. This makes Montreal the perfect long-weekend locale for those who can’t take a lengthier vacation.  Montreal features some of the most openly sex-positive people you could ever hope to meet. There are wild nightclubs, strip clubs and even sex clubs. It’s definitely worth a trip for any traveler looking to explore their fiery side.

Safe is Sexy

No matter where you are traveling this summer, you’re sure to see some tempting sites – and we mean both the locale and the people. If you’re lucky… you’ll be getting lucky, too. Good for you! Sexual adventures are some of the best reasons to hit the road (or plane!). But if you do hit the sheets, be sure to get tested when you return. Regular testing is the key to staying safe and sexy!

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