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Sexy New Year Resolutions

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Do you make New Year resolutions? I used to until I realized that they rarely lasted very long. What works best for me is to look a little deeper, see what I want to create in my life and then set an intention.

What do you want to create for your life? Or in the bedroom?

When we state our intentions and desires we begin to take steps to make those things happen. The old “I need to lose weight” isn’t going to be as much fun as “Having more sex this year will make me feel more alive and connected.” That’s a great New Year resolution to make!

Start by giving yourself permission to want and to have sex—with partners of your choosing and on your own terms. With that bit of permission you’re already guaranteed to enjoy your sexual adventures more.

Stepping into our desire is important—we feel better about ourselves and we have better sex. Here are some other suggestions for how you can create some positive sexy energy in 2015.

What do you want more of? More preliminary play or more intense sensations?Do you want a partner to take the lead or be more submissive? Maybe you want to try a new sex toy? How can your partner give you more of what you want?

This is important for good sex—and it requires you to start the conversation.  We don’t simply become a good lover, we have to work at it.

If you want your lover to do something differently, tell them. Be positive-“I love the way we do ______________ and I’ve been wondered if we could try this-________________. “

“I’ve discovered that it feels really good when we do ________________ , I’d like more of it.”

When you ask your partner to join you in creating more moments of pleasure it’s a winning situation for both of you. Take some time this week and think about what you desire—then take steps to make it happen.

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