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STD Myths : Only Certain Types of People Get STIs

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As a single woman, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had men tell me they don’t need STI testing because they don’t have sex with “that kind of people.” My girlfriends too seem to be under the impression that because their date is a “nice guy” or “a relationship type,” he must be in the clear.

It’s a myth that white-collar professional types, or those who only have vanilla, or missionary type sex are immune from contracting sexually transmitted infections.

Myth: STIs only happen to kinky, promiscuous or less conventional people.

Research shows, there is no one type of person who is more likely to get a sexually transmitted infection. Your mother can get an STI, the lawyer in the corner office, the policewoman or the person behind the counter at your favorite coffee shop. Anyone who is engaging in sex without protection, using inadequate protection or is uninformed about transmission facts is putting themselves and people around them at risk for an STI.

In fact, if we want to generalize, the person labelled as ‘kink’ is probably at lower risk to contract a sexually transmitted infection. People who are more open sexually tend to be typically better informed about sexual practices and STIs. They plan their sexual encounters, discuss consent, and are pro-active about using protection. They are also less likely to spread around infections than “The Suits” because they also tend to get tested more often and have the safe sex talk with their partners.

It’s another myth that ‘kink’ folks look a certain way!

Much like people who have an STI, “Kinks” are just as likely to wear a suit or be your average guy/gal next door. As many as 80% of STIs show no symptoms and there is no “sign” of who likes to practice kinky sex and who does not. While a simple conversation can give you much insight into your partner’s sexual preferences there is only one thing that can tell you if you are both STD-free — testing.

April is STI Awareness Month but when it comes to our sexual health we believe every month is the perfect opportunity to learn how to take better care of oneself. The best way to protect yourself is to learn about the STD myths and the facts about sexually transmitted infections–regardless of your age, gender identity, race, or level of sexual activity. So let’s get started. Here are three of the top myths when it comes to kinky sex and STDs:

Kinky Sex Myth #1: Oral Sex Is Safe Sex

When was the last time you used a condom when giving or receiving oral sex? While you cannot get pregnant, STIs can affect not just your genitals but also your throat. Such infections will not be immediately detectable with conventional testing methods, which means you or your partner can continue to spread the infection undetected.

Kinky Sex Myth #2: Anal Sex Bears No STD Risks

Much like with oral sex, infections can begin and be contained in the nether regions and remain undetected by conventional tests. In fact, as many at 20% of extragenital infections will not be detected with conventional testing. Periodic localized testing is the only way to be sure you are in the clear if your sexual repertoire includes any activities of this type.

Kinky Sex Myth #3: Safe Sex Is Safe

While condoms cut down the risk of infection quite a bit, they do not eliminate it entirely. Not only they can on occasion break but they also are not capable fo covering all body areas engaged in intimate acts. Some STIs can even be transmitted by simple skin on skin contract.

Kinky Sex Myth #4: STD Testing Is a Hassle

STD testing has been riddled with discomfort and shame but with myLAB Box you now have a choice. Skip the inconvenient trip to the lab and get results with the same accuracy as screening in a clinic! You no longer have to take time off work, worry about being seen or deal with awkward conversations. Results from the myLAB Box tests are completely private, lab-certified and valid in any doctor’s office.

Safe Is Sexy

When you’re informed you can make smarter choices about who to have sex with and how to have it. Kinky or not, we believe the only thing that should be sexually transmitted is fun.  In this series of STD myth-busters, we’ve talked about some of the activities that put people at risk. Maybe you’re preparing to have sex again after divorce or the death of a spouse, maybe you are a teenager full of questions or someone just looking for a way to spice things up in the bedroom – myLAB Box has the resources you need to play safe and stay safe.

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