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Help! I Can’t Find STD Screening Near Me!

std screening near me

Is there any STD screening near me? That’s a big question on everyone’s mind these days. If the answer is no, don’t sweat it! myLAB Box has the answer for you. Our service provides convenient home STD testing that you can take at any time and in any place. It couldn’t be easier.

There’s No Place to Get an STD Screening Near Me. What Now?

First things first: Relax!

The traditional testing solution is to go to a clinic or doctor’s office. Sure, that’s been the tried and true method of screening for sexually transmitted diseases and infections in the past.  

Consider how complicated this process can actually be. First, you will need to travel to the clinic. There you’ll sit in an awkward waiting room. When the doctor finally calls you in, it’s confession time. You’ll need to share all of the intimate details of your sexual history.

When you step out of the examination room, may still need to set up a potential follow-up visit. After all of this, you’ll finally be handed your lab-certified test results.

STD Screening Near Me? No Problem!

For many Americans, answering the question of “Is there STD screening near me?” can be more difficult than it seems. Limited access to transportation, physical disabilities and inflexible work hours all contribute to the reasons someone may have difficulty getting regularly tested.

If the traditional testing method seems like a hassle, rest easy.  You are not alone! More and more Americans are looking to other options like at home STD testing to fulfill their needs.

The concept of myLAB Box’s at home testing kits completely sidesteps this problem. This convenient testing solution offers the same lab-certified results that you would receive from any clinic. The only real difference is that now you can test any time and any place.

Don’t Let Shyness Prevent You From Testing!

For many people, sharing the intimate details of our bedroom activities can be nerve-wracking. The whole experience can be unpleasant enough for many people to avoid ever being testing at all. Without regular testing, many infections will go totally undiagnosed and untreated. That means many people will continue to spread STIs without even realizing it.

Our at home STI testing service is designed to eliminate these woes. The process is as simple and painless as possible. You can go to your nearby clinic or, with myLAB Box, you can order online, take a test at home within five minutes and receive lab-certified results within days.

How Does a Home STI Testing Kit Work?

A home STI testing kit allows you to test for the most common STIs in the United States.

Here’s the myLAB Box process:
  • 1-3 days after you click “order,” your home STI kit will arrive at your door in a discreet package.
  • It only takes 5 minutes to complete the test. Take as much time as you need to send it back!
  • Pop it back in the mail with our return-addressed stamped envelope.
  • You will receive lab-certified results in just a few days.

myLAB Box’s results are processed at certified labs within the United States. These test results are the same as those from a clinic or doctor. myLAB Box is absolutely committed to protecting your privacy. Your information is stored on a secure server. You are the only person who will be able to access them.

If you’d like to learn more about this process, here is an in-depth article about how long STD test results take for myLAB Box customers to receive.

Speak To A Doctor Right From Home!

Skipping the doctor’s office doesn’t mean skipping the doctor. Anyone who receives positive test results from myLAB Box will be able to have a free phone consultation with a certified STI counselor or physician. If you live in a state that allows telemedicine – and most do – you can even be prescribed your treatment right over the phone. That means no follow-up appointment. It couldn’t be easier!

Home STI testing is a major breakthrough in self-care.  It completely eliminates the hassle of scheduling an appointment, getting to the clinic, and putting up with the awkwardness that often ensues!

Early detection of sexually transmitted infections can save lives and myLAB Box makes it even easier to stop the spread of STDs among unknowing partners. Screen for multiple infections with combination test packages like the versatile Total Box. If you’re looking to be tested with your partner, look no further than myLAB Box’s brand new Love Box. Test alongside your partner for maximum peace of mind. myLAB Box empowers you to take control of your sexual health.

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