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Here’s Why Taking an STD Test At Home Can Prevent Stress

std test at home

Staying healthy shouldn’t be stressful, and now that you can take an STD test at home, it doesn’t need to be. You have enough stress in your life between working, paying rent, dating and all of the other crazy things life throws your way. Who has time for the inconvenient process of going to a doctor’s office or clinic to get tested? The traditional approach may be awkward, time consuming and expensive, but screening for sexually transmitted diseases is as vital as ever. Let’s look at how this process can be improved with an STD test at home.

Getting Tested at the Clinic or Doctor’s Office

By now, we hopefully all understand how important it is to get tested for STDs. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the number of cases is alarmingly high: one in three people have an STD. But let’s face it – the traditional tried and true method of testing has some serious room for improvement.

First, you need to take time off from work, only to sit in a waiting room for what seems long enough to read War and Peace. So many of us find ourselves slouching in those uncomfortable chairs, diverting our eyes just in case someone we know walks in.

When you finally see the doctor, you have an awkward conversation about your sex life. You may be talking to a medical professional with a white lab coat on, but there are often so many questions about your sex activity, you’d think there should be two glasses of wine and an appetizer between you.

Ordering an STD Test At Home

When you take your STD test at home, the experience is convenient, fast and private. How’s that for eliminating stress? With myLAB Box, you can order your test online. The tests cost about half the price of the out-of-pocket price you would pay at most offices. We even include free shipping!

Simply choose the test that is right for your needs. Tests include all of the most common STDs. This can range from individual tests, like HIV, syphilis and herpes, to combination “panels” that allow you to test for multiple infections at once.

Your testing options with myLAB Box are even more thorough than they may be at the clinic or doctor’s office. Often, these offices only perform a traditional genital-only exam. However, if you’ve had oral or anal sex, these limited tests can miss infections that are in the mouth or rectum. Extragenital (three-site) tests can catch infections that would be missed by a standard exam. Take the guesswork out of the screening process by ordering the test that fits your lifestyle.

Taking an STD Test At Home

You will receive your test in the mail within days in a discreet, no-judgment-included box. Take your test in the comfort of your own home. Or your dorm room. Or your partner’s place. In other words, take your test wherever and whenever you choose. This is one way you can control your experience. Take your test in your pjs or in your underwear; alone or with a friend or partner. The choice is yours and the experience is customizable to fit your comfort level. The best part? It only takes five minutes to complete your test! Once you’re done, just pop it back in the mail with the pre-paid return-address envelope that comes in your test package!

Follow-up: The Clinic or Doctor’s Office

Like the Tom Petty song says, “the waiting is the hardest part.” It’s the part of the process can seem like forever. When testing with a clinic or doctor, you can often wait forever. Literally. Many clinics or doctors only contact you if your result is positive. If your test negative and are waiting for some peace-of-mind, you may be waiting an awfully long time.

If you test positive, you’ll finally receive a phone call. Usually this comes at the most inconvenient possible time. If you miss their call, good luck playing phone tag while you anxiously await your results!

If your results require a discussion, you often will need to make an additional appointment. That means taking additional time off from work and, even worse, another co-pay (if you are lucky enough to have insurance).

Follow-up: Getting Results From Your STD Test At Home

With myLAB Box, you will receive an email within days once your results are ready. You will then be able to check your status online by logging into a secure portal. These are the same lab-certified results that you would receive from a doctor.

If your results are positive, we’ll set you up with a free phone consultation with a physician. No need for that follow-up appointment and additional out of pocket cost. If you live in a state that allows telemedicine (which is most), you can even get your treatment prescribed over the phone.

Taking an STD test at home lets you skip the muss and fuss involved with going to a clinic or doctor. Get the same lab-certified results without the stress. Say goodbye to those waiting rooms, expensive out-of-pocket costs and awkward conversations. Say hello to myLAB Box!

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