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The Different Types of STD Test Kits

STD Test Kit

Do you have to go a clinic in order to test for STDs, or, can you order an STD test kits and screen for STIs and STDs from the comfort of home? If you guessed the latter, you’re a winner! Well, you didn’t win anything but you’re smart enough to know that STD testing isn’t something you need to drag your butt to an office to do. Why wait weeks or months for appointments when your health is at stake and you want to know your sexual health status right now?

Anyone who’s sexually active should be screening for STDs regularly and using an at-home STD test kit can help you do that. Taking bio samples for a lab to screen is way simpler than you think. Know how to use a cotton swab? Check! Feel comfortable with a tiny pin prick on your finger? Done! Submitted a urine sample before? You’re golden! (Sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves.) Put them in a self-addressed, stamped envelope that’s part of myLAB Box’s STD test kits and you have screening down to a science.

How Can I Get a STD Test Kit to Use at Home?

Buy a comprehensive STD test kit that covers all of your bases with a product like myLAB Box’s 14-panel at-home STD kit. Simply order it online and receive a discreet package in the mail. You don’t even need to put on shoes–or pants!

The STD test kit will have detailed instructions on what you should do to test for these 14 STDs and STIs at home. Our FDA-approved technology screens for Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Hepatitis C, HIV I and HIV II, Herpes Simplex 2 (HSV-2), Syphilis, Trichomoniasis, Mycoplasma Genitalium, and HPV for women over 30.

Think of all the time, gas, and hassle you’ll save when your STD test kit shows up at your front door, you take your samples, and drop it off in a nearby mailbox. The process takes less than 5 minutes!

What’s Included in an STD Test Kit?

Depending on the STD or STI you’re screening for, our at-home STD test kit includes a small urine, swab test, or tiny blood prick sample so you can screen for the most common STIs. Everything goes back into an enveloped an sent off to our trusted labs to test.

Where Do My STD Test Kit Samples Go?

Once you’re done screening at home, seal your samples in the stamped envelope provided and drop it off in a nearby mailbox. The process couldn’t be simpler and easier.

myLAB Box works with CLIA High Complexity lab affiliates that maintain nationwide standards and are as accurate as tests done in a clinic or a doctor’s office. They’ll screen your samples for the STDs you’re looking to find out about and let you know whether you tested positive or not for certain diseases. Everything about the process is private and as cost-effective as possible.

When Do I Get My STD Test Kit Results?

myLAB Box is known for its speedy (yet accurate) laboratory testing services. Once you drop your bio samples off in the mail, you should receive lab-certified test results online in one to five days. Your info is safe and secure the entire time: HIPAA web security protocols protect your data.

What Happens if My STD Test Kit Results Come Back Positive?

If you’re notified that you’ve tested positive for an STI or STD, myLAB Box puts you in contact with trained STD counselors who are available to provide guidance and treatment options in the event of a positive result.

Although your medical history is private, myLAB Box wants you to know that you’re not alone throughout the experience. There are plenty of resources to help, including a free Chatbox on the site. Freaking out about a positive STD test kit result? Take advantage of the free telemedicine physician consultations and even order same day prescriptions without leaving your home.

Tell your partner to order a STD test kit so they can screen for STDs and STIs so you’ll both be informed about your health status.

How much does an STD Test Kit cost?

The at-home STD testing process with myLAB Box is affordable, can be used with FSA and HSA dollars, and saves you time and money you’d spend making an appointment at a clinic. Our tests range from $79 to screen for one common STI, to our 14-panel test box for $369, to couples’ tests for $399 (screening for 8 STDs).

Take control of your health from the comfort of home at a fraction of the cost of conventional testing. We’ll even remind you to retest in a few months so you’re in the know about your health at all times.

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