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STD Testing Costs At Urgent Care

How Much Does an STD Test Cost at Urgent Care?
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You may be wondering STD testing costs At urgent care. The truth is, there isn’t a clear cut-and-dry answer to this question. Since you’re asking, clearly you realize that testing is valuable. That’s a great way of thinking! Clearly you’re taking the correct steps to care for your own personal health… and the health of any potential partners!

In today’s blog post, let’s dive back into the answer to your question: how much does an STD test cost at urgent care?

How Much Does an STD Test Cost at Urgent Care?

Unfortunately, there just isn’t a reliable number that covers all possible prices for all people. The truth is, the cost of your STD test will largely depend on your insurance, if you have any at all. With insurance, often one test is covered and additional tests will be charged out-of-pocket. Without insurance, all tests will typically be charged out-of-pocket.

There’s a Better, More Cost-Effective Option

Luckily, with at-home testing, you know the cost of your tests.  At myLAB Box, prices are reliable and accurate. Testing only takes five minutes and can be done at any time and from any place. Regardless of insurance, these prices range from $79 for any single infection test (including HIV, syphilis, HSV-2, hepatitis C and more) to $499 for a Love Box, which contains two 8-panel tests so that you and your partner can test together.

These prices also don’t include any potential hidden fees. At a clinic, tests may drive up the price of your insurance premiums. At myLAB Box, the price doesn’t change and doesn’t rely on insurance. Best yet, these tests cost about half of the out-of-pocket price found at most medical facilities.

In fact, you’ll even receive free shipping when you order your test. It’s free when you mail your sample back to us, too! If you test positive, you are also entitled to a free phone consultation with a local physician.

So to recap: how much does an STD test cost at urgent care? Do you even care anymore when you can order from the comfort of home at an affordable and reliable price with myLAB Box? Don’t stress, just test!

Reviewed by Luis Ferdinand M. Papa, MD, MHA

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