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STDs That Cause Dry Skin

STDs that cause dry skin

If you’re experiencing itchy skin anywhere on your body, it’s important to know what may be causing it. While there are many reasons for itchy and dry skin, it’s possible that these are symptoms of an undiagnosed STD or STI such as herpes or AIDS. If that itchy skin so happens to be in your pelvic region, foreskin or base of shaft, there is even more reason to be concerned. At myLAB Box™, we believe that staying proactive is the best form of protection against STDs.

HIV and Skin Rashes

If you’ve contracted HIV, it’s important to recognize its symptoms as not ‘flu-like,’ but as a dangerous warning signs the infection is sending to your body. When your immune system comes in contact with the HIV virus, it works overtime to create antibodies designed to destroy the invading virus. The presence of these antibodies can make your body react, and in many cases, that reaction is a dry skin rash.

If a rash or dry skin does appear on your body, it probably won’t be itchy. Rather, it will show itself as flat in appearance and could appear anywhere on your body. This process is called a seroconversion rash and happens as the body usually produces HIV antibodies. It may be accompanied by a fever or swollen lymph nodes. It’s very noticeable and should raise a natural alarm.

Herpes and Eczema Herpeticum

If you’ve contracted either form of the Herpes Simplex virus, it’s important to recognize the effects it can have on your skin. Not only can genital warts and lesions appear, but dry skin rashes and bumps might proliferate around the mouth or the genitals. On top of that, you are at a much higher risk of Eczema Herpeticum. This is a vicious skin infection that can be progressive to the point of death. It works in conjunction with herpes-infected areas so stay aware of its arrival and seek treatment if you feel that you may have contracted it. It is rare, but those with herpes simplex virus are susceptible.

Symptoms include:

  • A dry rash that causes blisters appearing in clusters. They may cover larger areas on your body as well. Blisters will often break open and ooze liquid. They will be itchy, bloody, and possibly filled with pus and yellow fluid.
  • Eczema Herpeticum may cause you to feel unwell. Fevers, swollen lymph nodes, nausea, fatigue, sweats, chills, are all common as the rash appears.  
  • Eczema Herpeticum could lead to organ failure and herpes infection in one, or both, of your eyes.

Nobody wants to find out that they have caught a sexually transmitted disease, but in this day and age its always better to be more safe than sorry. If you’re concerned about any skin rashes on your body, check out our at home test kits and find out what STD testing kit would work best for you. We have full spectrum testing that will save you a trip to the doctor, and keep you confident in your decision to test at home. We also offer free consultations with our doctors if any of your tests come back positive.   


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