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How to Do an STI Check the Way You’d Check Your Car

How to do an STI check the way you'd check your car

Performing an STI check isn’t all that different from maintaining your vehicle. Everyone knows you need to run a series of tests to keep your car running smoothly. If your vehicle isn’t running correctly, you aren’t going to get around town very well. The same could be said about your sexual health, especially if you plan on getting around town!

Look under the hood

Regular visual inspections can be very helpful. It may seem ridiculous or embarrassing, but the simple act of taking a small mirror to ‘check under the hood’ may help with early detection of STIs. Looking regularly will familiarize you with what’s normal and what’s out of the ordinary.

Check the fluids

You probably check your oil, brake fluid and coolant on a schedule. You should also check your bodily fluids on a regular basis. To do this, you can either take your vehicle to a mechanic (a doctor) or you can check your own fluids with an at home STI kit.  This is the best and most accurate way to know if you’re running smoothly or you need a little maintenance.

Keep track of your mileage

The best way to maintain your vehicle is to keep checking regularly. You know, when you get an oil change and they put that little sticker on your window telling you when to come back and get another one. Similarly, you need to keep track of when you tested, what you tested for, where your vehicle has been, and when it was there.

Different STIs have different incubation and testing timeframes. As such, keeping track of your mileage will allow you to know when you need maintenance and help keep you on the road.

Know the warning signs

When your vehicle starts making a funny noise, or it starts to shimmy and shake at a certain speed, you know it’s time to get it checked out. Similarly, knowing the symptoms* of various STIs will help you with early detection and early treatment. If you dismiss that ‘funny noise’ as no big deal, sooner or later that problem might take your vehicle off the road–and nobody wants that.

Get roadside assistance

You don’t always have the time or resources to get your vehicle to a garage. Luckily, there are professionals out there that can help you while you’re on the go. myLAB Box offers quick, easy, confidential testing at home so you can avoid a visit to the garage (a clinic) and keep your vehicle running smoothly.

Find out how it works and get tested today.


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