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Symptoms of Chlamydia in Men

male symptoms of chlamydia

What are the Symptoms of Chlamydia in Males?

Since the male symptoms of chlamydia may not be readily apparent, it pays to know what to look for.

The most common symptoms for chlamydia in men include:

  • A “burning sensation” while urinating
  • White, cloudy or watery discharge from the penis
  • A pain in and around the testicles

These male symptoms of chlamydia are likely to occur within one-to-three weeks of initial infection. Someone can easily infect another person without ever realizing it. Or they can infect another person! For this reason, chlamydia is one of the most common STIs. Regular screening is the only way for a person to definitively know whether or not he or she is infected with chlamydia. Otherwise, anyone can unknowingly spread chlamydia to one or more partners.

Without regular testing, this infection will remain undiagnosed and untreated, and can spread easily. If untreated, chlamydia can potentially lead to permanent infertility in men.

An untreated case of chlamydia can have major long-term effects on men. If left undiagnosed, a mild case can quickly spiral into a serious health risk. Throughout this article, we’ll be specifically examining the male symptoms of chlamydia.

Typically, women may be at greater risk when it comes to complications. Pregnancy and female-specific complications can result in permanent long-term damage. That said, men certainly do not get off easy when it comes to this infection. So pay attention, guys!

Chlamydia is shockingly prevalent in this country. As one of the most frequently contracted STIs, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), chlamydia has an estimated 1.7 million cases recorded in the U.S. alone.

Long Term Effects of Untreated Chlamydia in Males

Chlamydia can be difficult to recognize at a glance. It has symptoms that are rather difficult to detect.  A medical diagnosis is the only way to know for sure if the infection is present.

To further compound the issue, it is possible for the infection to never show any visible symptoms at all. The only way to be absolutely sure if you are a carrier is to take a proactive interest in your own sexual health. And by “sexual health,” we mean overall health.  Therefore, this infection may never be properly treated and can lead to complications in all parts of the body.

The best offense against chlamydia is a good defense. A regularly scheduled screening for sexually transmitted diseases and infections is critical. myLAB Box’s at-home STI testing kits are a perfect way to test without ever leaving the comfort of home.

Routine screening is paramount. Especially since the male symptoms of chlamydia can be remarkably difficult to detect. 

Further Testing: Extragenital Signs of Chlamydia

Most people are unaware that it is possible for chlamydia to affect them outside of the genital area. Unfortunately, this is true. In fact, chlamydia specifically attacks the area where it is first contracted. One of the most common misconceptions about this STI is that it remains confined to the genital region. In fact, this genital-only test is typically the one given in clinics.  The truth about chlamydia is much more complicated.

In fact, engaging in oral or anal sex with an infected person can result in an infection of your throat or rectum. Typically, STD exams from a clinic only test the genital area. Fortunately, myLAB Box, with its “three-site” testing solution, offers an extragenital screening option for chlamydia as well. In addition to genital regions, these extragenital packages are capable of screening your rectum and throat areas, as well. myLAB Box’s extragenital tests cover all possible areas of infection. myLAB box’s three-site test will catch infections that can easily be missed by a standard exam.

Here are some of the possible extragenital signs and symptoms of chlamydia:

  • Rectal pain, including discharge and bleeding
  • Conjunctivitis in the eyes
  • Throat infection

Test for Chlamydia: Any Time and in Any Place

Fortunately, chlamydia is one of the many curable STIs. You simply need to know if whether or not you are infected in the first place. This requires regular screening.

Scary symptoms aside, you have no reason to worry if you are safe. Always use a condom or dental dam when engaging in sexual activity, but just remember that, while these help to prevent STDs, they do not guarantee that you will not contract one.  Home testing kits, like the ones available from myLAB Box, will allow you to test any time and any place. These quick and convenient tests offer lab-certified results. These results are identical to those you would receive from any doctor’s office or clinic.

With myLAB Box’s telemedicine option, the ease-of-use stretches even further. If your results come back positive, you can speak with a medical professional and receive a prescription without ever leaving the privacy of your home.

myLAB Box is simply the most convenient testing option available today. Routine screening is the best way to protect your health, and now you can test from the comfort of home. Safe is sexy!

Using protection is an excellent way to combat the initial infection, but regular screenings are the only necessary way to totally secure your sexual and overall health. For more information, check the common STDs that are screened for by myLAB Box. 

Reviewed by Luis Ferdinand M. Papa, MD, MHA

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