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There’s No STD Clinic Near Me. What Should I Do?

There's No STD Clinic Near Me. What Should I Do?

When it comes to getting tested, the first and most obvious question would be “is there an STD clinic near me?” “If not, what should I do?” For people who live in rural areas, small towns and remote locations, clinical options can be limited. Privacy may also be an issue in smaller communities. Traveling out of your way to a clinic can be an added expense, a logistical hurdle and just plain inconvenient. These factors can lead to putting off testing, which can mean more headaches and less sex–and nobody likes that.

With at-home tests, theres always “an STD clinic near me”

With the availability of home testing products, privacy, convenience and access to information are now easier to attain than ever before. myLAB Box has made at home testing simple by offering a full range of testing kits that screen for specific STDs, and also test combo kits that can screen for a variety of STDs.

Knowledge is power

You can find more than just testing kits at myLAB Box. We also offer all the information that an STD testing clinic would normally provide, like an STD symptoms guide* to help alleviate men’s and women’s concerns while dispelling myths.

Results come with access to a free consultation with a physician and free prescriptions should you test positive.

Convenience, simplicity and peace of mind

Acquiring a home testing kit is easier than ever. Once you have the kit, simply follow the simple instructions for collecting your sample and send it off for testing in the prepaid packaging. All of this takes less than five minutes. Results are as accurate as any test done in a clinic.

Read more about how it works and consider at home testing as a serious option if there are no STD clinics near you.

Even if there are, consider myLAB Box if you prefer the ease, convenience and privacy that at home testing provides.

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