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This Halloween Take the Fear Out of Intimate Encounters

You know that first moment when you met a new guy, excitement with a smidge of trepidation as you think about the next steps? It can be a little like Halloween as a kid—will it be all treats and fun? Or is there something a little scary in there I have yet to find out? What about our intimate encounters?

When you start a new relationship it’s not always that clear. It’s hard to know what to be cautious about.  There are the little questions like, will he be a good kisser? Will he respect my boundaries?  Will we have as much fun as I think we will?

And the big question—how can I tell if my new partner has a STD?

Sexually transmitted infections, or diseases, are the ultimate no-no’s when it comes to your sexual health.  Here are a few things to think about to make your first intimate encounter safe and fun:

  • Most STDs aren’t apparent to the eye. You don’t know someone has HIV or chlamydia, for example, until it’s too late.
  • Not everyone is going to voluntarily disclose. You have to ask.
  • Some sexually transmitted infections are easier to catch than others. Condoms are effective barriers in some cases, but not all the time.
  • Testing is the best way to make sure both of you are safe.

This Halloween lets change the way you think about intimate encounters.  Let’s put the safe back into sexy.   That’s why we’ve developed myLAB—your lab in a box.

We think you deserve to be fully informed and in charge of your own sexual health. When you use our home STD testing kits  you eliminate the unknown. Less tricks, more treats.

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