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How To Increase Sperm Count

ways to increase sperm count

If you’re worried about your fertility and sperm count, know that you are not alone. Approximately one in six couples experience fertility problems with the root of the issue lies in the man’s fertility count. Even though male fertility isn’t always treatable, there are some lifestyle changes that you can make to improve your overall sperm count. Changes to your diet, exercise and supplement intake may bring a change big enough to change the trajectory of reproduction.

Even though there could be genetic reasons that your sperm count is low, there are a large host of other reasons that you and your spouse might have trouble getting pregnant. From overall sex drive to erectile dysfunction, to sperm mobility, the number of outside forces affecting your reproductive system could really damage any attempt you have of reproducing.

Below are a list of activities and habits you can adopt to increase your sperm count potential.

  • Exercise More This is perhaps the easiest and most effective way to increase testosterone levels that then may increase your sperm count. Going to the gym is an everyday struggle, but the possible outcomes are tremendous. Not only will you feel better, but that vote of confidence could send ripples through your reproductive system.
  • Start Taking Supplements Nutritional supplements such as D-Aspartic Acid, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Tribulus Terrestris, Zinc, Maca Root, and Ashwagandha have all been observed in aiding your reproductive system and increasing sperm count. Although none of them are fool-proof methods, they each have been known to interact and correlate with increased, and in some cases decreased sperm levels. If you’re interested in taking the natural route, do some research and find the route best suited for yourself.
  • Relax Depending on the person, this could be either the easiest or most difficult option for someone wanting to increase their sperm count. Researchers believe that an increase in stress correlates to an increase in cortisol which has been observed decreasing levels of testosterone. That means that simple measures towards stress management could turn your situation around.
  • Eat HealthierThis is another no-brainer, but one that could turn your sperm count around. If you’re used to eating nothing but cheese and soda, then chances are your health systems aren’t entirely in order. Limit your alcohol intake, increase vegetables, and try to lose some weight. Oftentimes, the healthiest way out of a situation is the most natural.

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