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Will An STD Show Up On A Test If It Is Dormant?

will an std show up if its dormant

Most people believe that they would realize something was wrong if they had an STD and they would experience symptoms. For some this is not going to be the case. A significant number of men do not typically show symptoms for STDs such as chlamydia although they are very capable of spreading the disease. Even though they are generally asymptomatic or dormant, they will still test positive for the STD.

Most STDs that are in a dormant stage can be detected with a test. Even though the STD is asymptomatic doesn’t mean that it is not present in your system or that it can not be spread through sexual contact.

Is it possible to have a STD and test negative?

There is a window of time during the incubation period when the STD was first contracted that it may not be detectable through testing. This time can range from just a few days up to 3 months or more depending on the type of STD that was contracted.

Wait time to test.

If you have contracted an STD it is possible that it might not show up on a test. This is not considered its dormant phase, this is considered the incubation stage or Window Period. This is the stage in which the virus has entered the body. Some STDs can take a couple weeks to 3 months to be detected with a test.

· Gonorrhea and Chlamydia– both can take up to 2 weeks before they can be detected on a test

· Syphilis– This STD can take up to 3 months to be detected

· HIV, HPV and HEP B and C can also take up to 3 months

The Center for Disease Control, CDC, recommends retesting for HIV because of what they refer to as the “window period” as listed above. They recommend that to be sure you are free of the STD you should get tested, protect yourself and then retest after a 3-month period. This is because STDs such as HIV may not show up or have symptoms if any for 3 months

Even though these STDs may not show up instantly on a STD test, this does not mean that they are not transmittable. You can still contract one of these STDs even if your partner has had a recent test and it has come back negative.

So, while it is possible to be positive for an STD and test negative, this is usually in the initial “Window Period” and not due to the STD being dormant in your body.

Dormant STDs can still be affecting your health even if you are not experiencing symptoms. Long term exposure to STDs that are left untreated can lead to damage to your reproductive organs if not worse. STDs such as Hep C and B, HIV and syphilis can lead to organ damage and could even lead to death.

will dormant std show up on test

Get Tested

It is important to get tested regularly, especially if you have a history of multiple partners. Even though you may not be experiencing symptoms you could be doing irreversible damage to your body if you have a STD that is lingering quietly with in your body.

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