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Winter Solstice – A Celebration of Light, Life, and Love

Sunday, December 21 marks the first day of winter and the winter solstice. It was historically referred to as the rebirth of the sun. People celebrated with a variety of rituals to welcome the sun back on this the shortest day of the year. But for most of us living in the Northern Hemisphere the coldest part of the year has yet to come.  We may be celebrating the return of light, but we also have to acknowledge and welcome the dark.

Pagan rituals were focused on light and darkness. It was common to celebrate the dark moments—maybe with silent meditation or chants before lighting the Yule log and celebrating light.

Why not celebrate the winter solstice with a loved one? We often look for ways to add new elements to our relationships–something to spice things up. Coming on a Sunday this year, the solstice is an ideal time to step back from holiday stress and embrace the quiet.

  • Choose a good spot to view the sunset. Pack a thermos of hot chocolate or other beverage, grab a blanket or two, and head outdoors.
  • Candles were commonly used to celebrate the coming of light. A candle lit bath for two. A bedroom full of candles. How can you add soft natural lighting to your evening together?
  • Play with slow sex. Spend more time exploring and playing than usual. Use massage oil to caress and massage each other (coconut oil works beautifully). Intersperse touching with talking as you slowly create sensuous energy. Consider it a worshipping of bodies.
  • Make love in front of the fireplace or if you’re in a warmer climate be daring and make love outside by the bonfire. Fire was a powerful symbol for the pagans; the burning of the Yule log symbolized the bringing of prosperity.
  • Whether you’re partnered or single, use this time to review your relationships and look at what you want to change, release, or bring into your life.

The winter solstice is a day of hope and renewal. A day of affirmation. When we focus our attention and our energies on a relationship or situation wonderful things can happen. What will you do to celebrate the winter solstice?

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