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New York City STD Testing: Get the Facts

STD Testing New York City: Get the Facts

New York City STD Testing: the stats are in. Across the country, the rates of sexually transmitted diseases and infections have been steadily rising. Today, we’re turning our spotlight on the Big Apple. Sadly, it’s not looking good.

STD Testing New York City: Infections on the Rise

When it comes to STDs, New York is in worse shape than most of the country. The statistics presented here come directly from New York’s Department of Health and Mental Hygiene and a report issued by the city’s Independent Budget office.


After STD testing New York, the reports show rampant levels of chlamydia. This makes sense, since chlamydia is one of the most common sexually transmitted infections in the United States. In 2015, New York saw a total of 62,965 reported chlamydia cases. This is an increase of 6 percent from 2014.


Not to be ignored, “the Clap” is the next most popular infection in NYC. In 2015, the City saw 16,913 reported gonorrhea cases. This is an increase of 21 percent from the previous year.

Lately, gonorrhea is becoming a bigger and bigger problem across the nation. For one, gonorrhea infections are a major cause of pelvic inflammatory disease (PID). Even worse, certain strains of “Super Gonorrhea” have mutated and become resistant to treatment.

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To make matters worse, STD testing New York City also revealed an increase in syphilis rates. In 2015, NYC saw a total of 1,521 reported syphilis cases. That’s a 16 percent jump in the span of a single year.

Left untreated, syphilis can result in serious medical complications. A case of syphilis also increases your chances of HIV transmission or infection. For pregnant women, syphilis can be even more dangerous. If passed to the baby, it can cause serious birth defects and even stillbirth.


On the plus side, HIV rates are dropping nicely in NYC. According to the City’s most recent HIV Surveillance Annual Report, 2,279 people were newly diagnosed with the virus in 2016. That’s an 8.6 percent drop from 2015. 

On the whole, we seem to be making significant progress towards making regular HIV testing a key component of everyone’s overall sexual health.

Obviously, HIV can affect anyone of any sex, race or lifestyle. Therefore, we all should be tested for STDs on a regular basis.

Test Regularly to Stay Safe

Screening for sexually transmitted infections is the key to a clean bill of sexual health. Everyone should get tested at regular intervals. A service like myLAB Box makes the screening process easier than ever before.

Simply click “order” on our website and wait for a discreetly packaged testing kit to arrive at your door. myLAB Box’s tests allow you to test from the comfort of your home. You can order a test for a specific STD, or you can choose one of our multi-panel combination packs.

With myLAB Box’s easy-to-use full panel STD test, the Total Box, you can screen for 14 of the most common sexually transmitted diseases in the United States. You’ll receive the same secure, lab-certified results that you would from any clinic or doctor’s office. This makes it the most comprehensive STD test pack on the market today.

The Total Box screens for:
  • CHLAMYDIA (genital, throat, rectal)
  • GONORRHEA (genital, throat, rectal)
  • HIV I & II
  • HPV (optional add-on for women 30 years of age and older)

STD testing at home is a brave new step for self-care. It’s the least stressful way to make a responsible choice for your health and earn total peace of mind. If you need more information, please check out our FAQ page and the rest of the handy myLAB Box blog to learn more.

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