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Warning Signs & Symptoms of Most Common STDs

STD signs and symptoms

Order Your At Home STD Test Now Do you know the warning signs & symptoms of most common STDs? The answer might be trickier than you think! Many STD signs and symptoms may be undetectable. Others may be rather evident.  Some can even be confused with other common ailments like urinary tract infections or the […]

How to Get Tested for STDs Near Me?

where to get tested for stds near me

Order Your At Home STD Test Now “I Don’t Know Where to Get Tested for STDs Near Me.” Sound familiar? This is one of the most popular Google searches that leads folks to myLAB Box. Well, we have good news, everyone! You’ve come to the right place. Sexually transmitted infections and diseases are spreading in […]

↵The Benefits of an At Home STI Test Kit

The Benefits of an At Home STI Test Kit

Why are so many people choosing to use an at home Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) test kit? Well, when it’s time to get tested (and let’s face it, if you’re sexually active, it’s definitely time to get tested) a trip to the clinic can be really unpleasant. Sitting in waiting rooms, doctors poking and prodding, answering […]

myLAB Box is Now Available Through Target, Walmart & Amazon

myLAB Box News

myLAB Box is proud to announce that we have extended the accessibility of our testing kits! They are now available for purchase through major online retailers, including,, and Each test can be completed in less than five minutes. You can test yourself at any time and in any place. Our results are […]

How Long Does it Take to Get STD Test Results Back from the Doctor?

5 Actions to Take After You Get Your STD Results Online

Order Your At Home STD Test Now How Long Does it Take to Get STD Test Results Back from the Doctor? Since STDs are so different, they require different types of tests to diagnose. Some STDs simply require a simple visual examination to diagnose and others require a urine sample, or alternatively a sample taken […]

Get Tested During STD Awareness Month 2019

Get Tested During STD Awareness Month

Order Your At Home STD Test Now April is STD Awareness Month. Throughout the month (and always!), myLAB Box is working to raise public awareness about the impact of Sexually Transmitted Diseases and Infections. Why STD Awareness Month? According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the rate of sexually transmitted diseases and infections […]

Recognizing Syphilis Signs & Symptoms

syphilis symptoms

Order Your At Home STD Test Now Can you recognize the common symptoms of syphilis? It is one of the most widespread sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) in the United States with 88,000 documented cases in 2016 alone. It seems that more men are getting infected with syphilis by the day, particularly homosexual and bisexual men. […]

How Much Does Planned Parenthood STD Test Cost?

❖ Free physician consultation ❖ Mail-in kits for home use ❖ Test in just 5 minutes ❖ Lab results in 2-5 days ❖ 100% pain free ❖ Enjoy free shipping   To Order By Phone Click Here (800)856-9522 Have you ever asked, “How Much Does Planned Parenthood STD Test Cost?”  Well, you’re not alone. Despite […]

A Brief History of myLAB Box’s STD Home Testing Kits

A brief history of myLAB Box's home testing kits

Order Your At Home STD Test Now Like the idea of the earth being round, STD home testing kits haven’t been around forever. But thanks to a couple of ambitious women and a country full of smart and sexy revolutionaries, myLAB Box is thriving. The Idea: Starting a Revolution Founders Lora Ivanova and Ursula Hessenflow realized […]

What to Do When Your Partner Wants an HSV Test

What to do when your partner wants an HSV test

  Having your partner tell you that they want you to take an HSV test can be really uncomfortable at first. However, maybe you’ll feel a bit better knowing that the herpes simplex virus is the second most common STD. It’s absolutely possible to live with the virus and never experience symptoms. It’s also possible […]

How to Do an STI Check the Way You’d Check Your Car

How to do an STI check the way you'd check your car

Performing an STI check isn’t all that different from maintaining your vehicle. Everyone knows you need to run a series of tests to keep your car running smoothly. If your vehicle isn’t running correctly, you aren’t going to get around town very well. The same could be said about your sexual health, especially if you […]

What to Expect from Syphilis Treatment

What to expect from syphilis treatment

Before the discovery of modern syphilis treatment, diagnosis was a brutal death sentence. Today, syphilis is sometimes tricky to diagnose, but easily cured. If left untreated, syphilis can have serious, harmful effects. Order Your At Home STD Test Now What is Syphilis? A bacterial infection caused by Treponema pallidum*, the early hallmark symptom of syphilis […]